No Creed at Sunday Mass


Today was the last day of my holidays and I attended Mass with friends in their parish.

The priest started his homily by saying it would be a hard one. Then he mentioned another scandal in the diocese and why people stay in the Church. Faith. He said, “The Bishop is going to be unhappy with me,” and then announced there would be no Creed today, that we were to take 30 seconds this week to reflect on what we pray in the Creed.

OK, I get it. But there was a Baptism. No Renunciation of Sin, no Baptismal Promises. That I don’t get. Straight to “Is is your will that your child be baptized?”

I’d attended Mass there once before. At that one in the homily he made the comment that if you’re all pious you’re neurotic and if you think God speaks to you, “That psychosis, take a pill.”


Let your friends’ parish deal with things. Odds are that people there either already have sent a letter to the bishop or that there’s an ongoing situation the bishop already knows about. (Given the priest’s words that the bishop was not going to be happy with him.) But we can always say a prayer.


That would totally turn me off.

Suggestion: Before your next visit, search for a more solidly Catholic parish (I.e. one that doesn’t fool around with the Mass). Explain your situation to your friends and ask them if they’d like to come with you instead of going to their parish.


If there was a baptism in the Mass then the Creed should not be said. From the Roman Missal, Ritual Masses, “For the Conferral of Baptism”: “In this Mass, the Penitential Act, the Kyrie and the Creed are omitted.”


JohnLilburne is correct.

The Creed is NOT said if a baptism takes place during a Sunday Mass.


did the baptism actually take place in the mass, or after the mass.

we have baptism were the new baby and parents and godparents are introduced to the congregation, the questions are asked, the baby is crossed.
we say the creed , then they sit down

then after mass the baptisms happen


I know we don’t “recite” the Creed when there is a Baptism but it’s done in question form, something deliberately omitted here. Yes, the Baptisms took place right after the homily.


ok, here they are done after the mass. but the priest or bishop always makes a big deal of saying the creed with the baptismal candidates and their families up being introduced. and always talks about what the creed is about.


That’s because it is done in question form for at least the parents and godparents to respond to. The Renunciation of Sin and Profession of Faith were deliberately omitted. The priest went straight to the question “Is it your will that N. should be baptized in the faith of the Church, which we have all professed with you?” omitting the bold part of the question.


We do ours after the babies get the cross on their head


This is highly important. Even when there is a Baptism during Mass, we make an affirmation of the Creed and we renounce our sins. We do this as an entire community of Christian Faithful.

Doesn’t matter who’s parish this is - as a member of the Catholic faithful, you have a right to a faithful Mass. Go ahead and make the complaint. While your butt was in the pew of a church in a Bishop’s diocese - you are under his episcopal jurisdiction and that Bishop is responsible for all the sacraments and those who receive those sacraments - including travelers!


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