No date for new missal in England

Unfortunately, we don’t know when we are going to get the new Missal in England and Wales.

I emailed our bishops’ conference mentioning that the US will start using the new Missal on the First Sunday in Advent November 2011.

The reply I received states that the US has received the full texts so they can have a publication date. It goes on to say that the English and Welsh bishops want to publish on the same date as the Scottish and Australian hierarchies. Apparently, England and Wales, Scotland, and Australia haven’t received the full texts yet. I cannot quite understand that.

I think I might get back to them and ask why we haven’t got the full texts if the US have them. Although I probably won’t get a quick response as they did say they were busy arranging the Pope’s visit. In fact their website is down at the moment, saying they’ve exceeded their bandwidth.

So it looks like we’ll be waiting a while longer before we get the new Missal:sad_yes:

If you read the news releases, the translation that the US got was specific to the US. That probably means that other countries are still in negotiation for the adaptations they want permission to make for their own territory.

I keep trying to check the press release on the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales’s Department for Christian Life and Worship’s National Liturgy Office website However, their website is down.

Well, the Pope Himself is going to use the new Gloria, in addition to some other texts (from his MC). And so long as approval is given by the end of November, you should still have them Advent I 2011.

After all, the bishops will have a hard time saying that the education didn’t get started after they concelebrate with the Pope using parts of it :wink:

The Liturgy Office website is now running. But no new news about the missal.

I can understand that the English and Welsh would want to coordinate with the Scottish bishops. But I’m a little surprised the Aussies are also involved. Are the changes requested by the respective conferences from the standard ICEL translation similar enough to make joint publication feasible? And where are the Kiwis on this?

On another thread, someone posted that Australia’s date was Pentecost Sunday, 2011. So maybe it’s sooner than you think and they just aren’t ready to go public yet in England. :slight_smile:

Or they want the Pope to announce it to take heat for criticism off the bishops.:rolleyes: (can’t say I blame them if this is the case though.)

Yes, and I’d have thought we’d coordinate with Ireland as well as Scotland but I can only repeat what the email said. I’ve not emailed back for any further clarification because they said they were busy with preparations for the Holy Father’s visit. Since that email Australia have announced their publication date. So why haven’t we???

I’ve had a quick glance at the Australian, Irish, New Zealand, and Scottish bishops’ websites and it’s like it’s not happening. Can’t find anything about the new Missal but as I said I only did a quick look.

Yes, it is thanks for posting that I’d given up trying for the last couple of days. Totally irrelevant to the thread nice to see St Thomas of Canterbury has been promoted back to the rank of feast.

I thought about that as well, but my theory is that at least in the Republic they incorporate a smattering of Irish Gaelic in some places.

Yes, they do. I saw online the consecration of the new Bishop of Killaloe on Sunday afternoon and some of the people’s parts were in Gaeilge.

The OZ and English/Welsh, Irish etc Bishops colaborated on their Divine Office/LOTH translation different from the US.

From what I’ve read the CTS will be publishing the new translation for OZ and UK/Welsh Bishops.

There are Saints specific to OZ like Mary Mackillop and those specific to England etc so maybe they have the text, the CTS is just collating them all and putting together the Missal.

Given the various offices within the Vatican aren’t known for moving much faster than glacial speed, it’s not surprising that England’s new Missal isn’t quite approved yet. We do, after all, have minor differences in language between ourselves and our American cousins that can, even though the same words are used, alter meanings.

From what I’ve read of the new translation, I approve of most of the changes. About 5% of it I’ll just have to live with!

I believe that the new Roman Missal will be published in England and Wales by the The Incorporated Catholic Truth Society (CTS). There is no confirmed publication date but it is anticipated that it will be Advent (November) 2011.

Do you mean it won’t be published until Advent, which suggests it won’t be put into effect for months after, or do you mean it will be published at some point in anticipation of being put into use starting Advent 2011?

The information that I have says: “A precise date for the launch has yet to be announced but we are aiming for Advent 2011.” My interpretation of “launch” was publication.

According to this parish website in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, Clifton Diocese will be starting their formation days on Saturday November 20th in preparation for the new missal to go into effect on the 1st Sunday of Advent 2011.

You’ll find the information under liturgy changes half way down the page. Hope this is useful for you.

Thanks for that information.

Interestingly, there’s no news on the Bishops’ Conference website nor on their Liturgy Office website. Likewise, there’s no news on the Scottish and Irish Bishops’ websites and I was previously informed by the English National Liturgy Office that all three Conferences in the British Isles will start using the new Missal on the same date. Apparently, we are also supposed to be starting the new Missal on the same date as Australia too, no news on their website either.

Emailed the National Liturgy Office again to clarify things. I will post again if I get any more news

Thanks once again.

I just purchased the Daily and Sunday Missals.
I work in the Persian Gulf. We also use the same translation as the British. It is not the same as the American translation.

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