No decomposition of saints' bodies


If you saw the body of a saint that had not decomposed despite them being dead for centuries, would this convince you of God’s existence? Or is there a “non-miracle” way to explain this phenomenon?
Does anyone know how many saints have not decomposed? Anyone been to the burial site of such a saint?


Non decomposition of a body would not convince me of God’s existence.

I find the exhibition of bodies a bit creepy but if that is what some people find Faith affirming I leave them to it.

Remember that the term non decomposition is a medical one and refers to the condition of inner organs e.g. the liver rather than faces etc. Most of the saints on display have wax coatings over their faces to preserve their appearance.


Why would you think this would convince anyone that God exists?


Under certain natural circumstances, a body may not disintegrate.

Being incorruptible is not the definitive sign of sanctity.


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