No Diocese is an Island


Is my Diocese the only one who is unaware of what is going on? With so many Bishops releasing statements regarding the Motu Proprio, I was eagerly awaiting one from my Bishop.

Sept 13 - nothing. I email the Diocesan Communications Office two weeks ago asking if the Bishop would have a statement and have yet to get a reply. Every other time I have emailed them I have received a reply within a couple of days.

Today I called the Chancery and asked if there would be any “Latin Masses” tomorrow. I had to explain the Motu Proprio to three different people before I was told I could attend the Latin Mass at noon on Sundays.

There has been nothing in our Sunday bulletins, either.

I feel like I am on an island.

Well, you could have gotten what we got from our bishop. He “acknowledges” the Motu Proprio. Anyone who understands bureaucrateese hears the death knell therein. Silence, in your case, is golden.

Same in my Diocese.

Shortly after the MP was issued, I wrote a letter to my Bishop asking for one in the Diocese, and now, about 14 weeks later, he still hasn’t replied. Seeing that it was from me, one of the only Catholics in the Diocese who refuses to take his side in his liberal war against the Pope, he probably threw it in the waste bin without even reading it.

I have a mind to keep bombarding him with the same letter until he answers, possibly accompanied by a petition.

We haven’t heard anything either. Our bishop currently doesn’t allow the Latin Mass to be said; he thinks it will alienate all the non-Catholics in the area (we’re only about 7% of the population). I thought we’d at least hear some kind of announcement, but I wouldn’t even know about the Motu Propio if I didn’t come to CAF!

Me either.:frowning: Same senario as you all. No news whatsoever.:frowning:

Still no mention of the MP in our Diocese, I’m sad to say…but I’m not surprised. :frowning:

I haven’t heard anything official from my diocese either (considering what we had to deal with last week) - but inside sources tell me that our bishop is actively looking for priest who can celebrate the TLM. So, just because the diocese hasn’t said anything doesn’t mean that they’re doing nothing…

I hope you’re right! :thumbsup:

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