No Diversity in Islam

In a recent article in Crisis magazine William Kilpatrick argues that there is no diversity in Islam, that the shades of Islam we see in various countries are mere accomodations to the dominant culture, that the real Islam is the Wahabism of Saudi Arabia, with that of Isis being an extreme, fanatic form of Wahabism.

One has to wonder about the motivation that makes people want to be Muslim?

And if you want to know what Europe, including Italy will look like in 50 years or less, just look at Saudi Arabia. Won’t that be fun?

I would say the Catholic Church and all of Christianity better wake up.

Of course there is the great question of how China and India will react to this phenomenon in the future. Because it is not a settled queston that Islam will rule the world, but given the abortion/contraceptive mind set of the West it would appear to be inevitable. And why should God intervene to save a people that has utterly turned their backs on him, turning gross sin into virtues?



It is not true, since there are Shiites and Sunnis.

I think you should read the article!


He says that the chief disagreement between the two main divisions of Islam—Sunni and Shia—is not over theology but over politics. But I thought that they differed over hadith, over salat, and that Shia theology difers in that it has two concepts Usūl al-Dīn and Furu al Din that define religion as a whole.
Oh, and BTW, in the article he says that there are Catholics in Africa that practice polygamy. I didn’t know that you could be a Roman Catholic and have several wives at the same time.

The article points out that the difference between " branches " of Islam are not over beliefs but over historical leadership. Catholics who practice polygamy may be new to the faith and are struggling to give up historical cultural practices. Hopefully they will be able to observe the moral teachings of the Church in the future. But in the meantime they are to refrain from receiving the sacraments. Hopefully there are not many who have this problem.


There is of course diversity in Islam and many ‘heretical’ branches.

Islam in Islamist countries is a perfect example of why church-state separation is important for a healthy society as even moderate Muslims who merely disagree with the State Imams are accused of being apostates (atheists) and often arrested.

It’s not that moderate Muslims don’t exist, it’s that the Islamic governments in the Middle East suppress them.

The majority of out-spoken moderate Muslims tend to live in the West.

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