No Dungeons and Dragons for inmate

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No Dungeons and Dragons for inmate

A convicted murderer serving life in prison in Wisconsin has lost his legal battle to play Dungeons and Dragons behind bars.
Kevin T Singer filed a lawsuit against officials at Wisconsin’s Waupun prison after a policy was initiated in 2004 to eradicate all Dungeons and Dragons game materials among concerns that playing it promotes gang-related activity.
Singer, 33, is a devoted player of the fantasy role-playing game that involves recruiting others to play as a group.
He argued that his First Amendment rights were being violated and demanded that Dungeons and Dragons material confiscated from his cell be returned.
But the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the prison’s policy was reasonable.

I don’t see where D&D promotes gang activity, I just figure prison isn’t supposed to be fun.
He might have won if he was in the Ninth Circuit.

Maybe the gang related activity is hidden in the DnD games. It’s very possible to use “house rules” to have hidden messages and activity. It’s like passing notes except in a much more creative way. It depends on the context, sophistication and who the players are to create a gang administration network.

it doesnt, but inmates arent allowed to have dice because they gamble with them. “gang activity” has nothing to do with d&d. something else is going on. probably a protestant warden, or director, who thinks d&d is witchcraft, or some such nonsense. “gang activity” is recognized as a legitimate reason to control normally acceptable activites in the penitentiary. this time it is obviously a front for the real reason.

I agree that prison shouldn’t be fun, while D and D is QUITE fun. He shouldn’t be allowed to have them.

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