No elevation/presentation at Behold the Lamb


At a Mass this morning the priest did not present/hold up the Host at “Behold the Lamb of God…”, he just held his hands apart in the orans position - I was a little surprised since I had never seen that before. This isn’t a complaint thread, I was just wondering about the rubrics or whether this is common.


Girm 157:

the priest genuflects, takes a host consecrated at the same mass, and, holding it slightly raised above the paten or above the chalice, facing the people, says, ecce agnus dei (behold the lamb of god)


No, it isn’t something in the rubrics. It should not be done that way. Perhaps the priest had a lapse of memory or was just confused at the moment. I can tell you, that happens sometimes.

If it just happened once, it was likely a simple mistake.

Yesterday, instead of the post-Communion prayer, I started to read the Prayer Over the People (the last text on that page of the Missal, where the post-Communion is usually located). I read one sentence, realized I had the wrong paragraph, and went back and did the post-Communion prayer. These things just happen sometimes.


Not to derail this thread but if A priest reads the prayer of the people instead of prayer after communion by accident and doesn’t correct themselves is mass still licit and valid? Hapened on Sunday at my church


Yes. It’s still valid.

Reading the wrong prayer is not a licit act; so that particular moment is illicit, but that does not affect the validity of the Mass. Nor does it affect the fact that everyone’s Sunday obligation has been fulfilled. It’s simply a mistake that happened and nothing more.

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