No ESV lectionary after all?


Apparently the ESV Lectionary will not happen according to this blog:


The ESV lectionary was just going to be for Australia, UK, and Ireland? I find it odd that in the original blog dated 2011 regarding the ESV lectionary update, the Jerusalem Bible is being bashed.

I like the ESV for its strict “conservatism” in translation, but it is also still a Protestant translation. I am reading from the original 2011 blog that the ESV does come with Deuterocanon…I have only heard of one edition of the ESV in existence with the “apocrypha”, printed by Oxford University Press. And even then, I don’t think the ESV deuterocanon are newly translated, but just “updated” from RSV deuterocanon?

I also had no idea how popular the ESV was with Catholics. Usually we try to stick to the NAB: RE, RSV: CE, Jerusalem Bible, Douay-Rheims, etc. (I am much different though, I collect all English translations and try to analyze their similarites/differences). I figured the ESV was just popular in the US/Canada among Protestant circles, but it must be popular enough to be recommended for use in the new lectionary among Catholics.

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