No Gay ‘Marriage' in Germany, Court Rules

By Hilary WhiteBERLIN, June 16, 2010 ( - Marriage can only be between one man and one woman, a German court has ruled in a case brought by two homosexual men who were “married” in Canada. The court ruled that a same-sex “marriage” contracted abroad is to be legally considered a…

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I can already hear the liberals throwing fits and making comparisons to Hitler :rolleyes:

Marriage between a man and women is a unique relationship that naturally results in children the Europeans are starting to realize this as they depopulate and face a takeover from the Muslims who do honor male female marriage as the only acceptable sexual realtionship. They are acting to defend themselves but maybe to late. War seems inevitable as the new world order types realize that Islam must be subjugated or destroyed for their vsions of a marriageless world where anything goes to succeed. It won’t succeed. I do not support the Muslims, but I do read the Bible where God lets the enemies of Israel destroy the holy nation when they lapse into apostasy.

Indeed, that seems like the entire Western world, today.

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