No Holy Thursday service at parish?



I’m reading over the bulletin for next week, which lists Holy Week activities. There is no Holy Thursday service! There are two early morning prayer services, which replace the Masses.

There are 2 Good Friday services, and regular Easter weekend services (Vigil and Sunday).

I obviously will be finding another parish to attend on Holy Thursday, but is this unusual?



Does you parish share a priest? Is he ill?
Nope. never heard of this. Typically there is one Mass on Holy Thursday…Mass of the Lord’s Supper.
Perhaps he has been called away? :shrug:


Oh my! Are you sure it’s not some kind of printing error?
How sad---- I would definitely go to a parish having Holy Thursday services.


Not meaning to split hairs here, but service? That’s Protestant termonology. The Sacrifice of the Mass is no service! At any rate it does seem a little odd, though it’s not a obligatory Mass attending day.


My parish is not having any of the Triduum because we share a priest with two other parishes. So we rotate the Triduum (and midnight Mass at Christmas).


Pardon me. There has been a correction, and there is a Mass Thursday evening. I must have misread the listing (which actually wasn’t difficult to do, but I made the mistake).

Thank you. I’m glad I went and looked again. I wonder how many other people may have missed it.

As for ‘prayer service’, there’s nothing wrong with having a prayer service on Holy Thursday, just not instead of Mass; I was just worried about no Mass. I’m glad I was the one who was wrong! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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