No, I don't bow to the Precious Blood

Well said. :slight_smile:

Also Spiller, Wasn’t Jesus, at the Last Supper, both Sacramentally Present and Physically present to the Apostles? So, wouldn’t it be alright to think that even though He is Sacramentally with us, He is still physically present in front of us in the Precious Blood also? Does that help you think of it a little differently?

I too agree with this. In the past I never even gave it much thought, but then I went to a Holy Saturday Mass where the RCIA were received into the Church. When some of them would bypass the cup, choosing only to receive the Consecrated Host, the director told them to at least reverence the cup of the Precious Blood as they went by. “Let us all see that you know Who is being bypassed.” I thought about it, and it makes sense to me!

The whole idea about not genuflecting or bowing (or in the East, making a prostration) after Communion is that YOU become the Tabernacle at that point.

Of course…

That makes absolutely no sense at all. For someone to genuflect before the Blessed Sacrament reposed in a tabernacle is perfectly fine of course.

To do so while Jesus Christ is sacramentally reposed inside of themselves as He is in the tabernacle seem quite wrong. It’s not simply you genuflecting…

Nu-uh. Jesus in that Host and Chalice - and for that matter in that Tabernacle - is present perfectly, completely, ALL His Body, ALL His blood, ALL His soul, ALL his Divinity in their infinite entirety.

He is not ever present in you or any other human perfectly, completely, in all His infinity - not even after you or I receive Him. No human being could possibly contain everything that the Eucharist contains, except Mary and that’s because she was given unique graces from God to prepare her to do so. You and I cannot contain within ourselves what the Tabernacle contains when He is within.

The opposite of what you think is what happens in fact - by receiving Him you and I become absorbed into and contained WITHIN Him, we become a part of Him. Not He in His entirety becoming a part of us being contained within us. We don’t literally become a Tabernacle, except in a very restricted and inferior sense.

That’s why, for example, we wouldn’t bow to other people who were coming back down the aisle in our direction after having received Him (at least I hope you wouldn’t, it would be very wrong). So bow to the chalice. Please.

Sooo…by your logic, if I run into you coming out of Mass after having received the Sacrament, and I have not received, I should do an obeisance to your tummy, since you are now the Tabernacle?

It is still recognizing and honoring Jesus as He is the Precious Blood.

Using your logic if I am carrying a ciborium full of consecrated hosts I should still genuflect when I pass a tabernacle?

I’m not an EMHC; I don’t know, should(n’t) you?

YOU are the one who made the statement that you shouldn’t reverence the Tabernacle or the Precious Blood because YOU are now the Tabernacle.

Personally, I’d like to see a Church document on this; pardon me if I don’t defer to the pronouncement of the posters here, since without some official backup, this seems to be all opinion.

I genuflect to the tabernacle when I leave the pew to go after Mass; I’d rather be wrong in terms of too much respect rather than not enough – at least until informed otherwise by competent authority.

I didn’t even know it was an issue till I came to this thread.

Well, you probably couldn’t do so without spilling em, so no.

But if you pass someone with a full ciborium of consecrated Hosts AND a tabernacle with consecrated Hosts inside then absolutely genuflect to both.



If I am carrying a ciborium full of consecrated hosts I bow/genuflect/kneel to NO ONE – as God does not bow/genuflect/kneel to anyone!! ARGH!!

One would NEVER bow while holding a ciborium containing the Blessed Sacrament.


When I have Him in my hands inside of a ciborium, I bow/genuflect/kneel to NO ONE.

Even when reposing the Blessed Scrament in the tabernacle, I would NEVER bow or genuflect while holding a consecrated host in a ciborium or a pyx. Not ever!

CAF was clearly the wrong place to ask this question…

What I meant (in case it wasn’t crystal clear) is that if you (holding nothing) pass someone and THEY have a ciborium full of consecrated Hosts, and then pass a Tabernacle with consecrated Hosts reserved within, you’d bow or genuflect to both. Why not? He is present in both places, is He not, and should we not acknowledge EVERY place in which He resides in the Blessed Sacrament?

You still haven’t said, though, whether, as you must if you’re logically consistent, you’d bow to everyone who receives before you.

That would depend. I certainly would not if I was an EMHC during the Mass or if I was in some sort of procession:

GIRM 274…If, however, the tabernacle with the Most Blessed Sacrament is present in the sanctuary, the priest, the deacon, and the other ministers genuflect when they approach the altar and when they depart from it, but not during the celebration of Mass itself. Otherwise all who pass before the Most Blessed Sacrament genuflect, unless they are moving in procession.

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