No ice cream: Common Core's Rollout Rocky In New York

In Arkport, N.Y., meanwhile, parents are complaining over a decision by school officials to reward students who took the Common Core English test with ice cream, while denying it to those children who opted out of the exam.

Arkport School Superintendent Glenn Niles defended the school’s actions, telling WLEA News that, “We try to do a simple token, as we’ve done every year that we’ve ever tested.”

“This year was no different,” he reportedly said. “We just had more kids that didn’t take the tests, and therefore, it was a little bigger deal, so we will evaluate what we do in the future.”

Not so, claims Merry.

“They say that they have done this in the past, but that’s not true,” she said. “The administration had never offered a reward to the children for taking a test.”

Now the schools offer ice cream to take tests.:smiley:

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