No Longer Catholics Marrying Protestants

My Mom grew up in a family of 8 people …BOTH sides of my family…both my mom and dads were ALL Catholics (at least born Catholic)

The family of 8 I speak of, the majority of them aren’t going to Catholic church anymore…what mostly happened was they met someone, married them and now atteneding their spouses Protestant church indefinately.

The ones that remained single, of course, I think are still attending Catholic services.

So basically, the majority of my family tree aren’t really, I guess you could say, not practicing Catholics anymore and are attending Protestant based faiths …mainly due to their involvement with their spouses.

By “services”, I assume you mean the Mass.
I come from a family of 13 children. Sadly, there are only 4 of us left that remain Catholic. Most of them married Catholics (a few married Protestants) and converted.

Here’s another side of the picture.

I’m the oldest of 9.

My dad’s father was a convert (married a Catholic), as is my mother (Dad was a cradle Catholic).

Five of us (me, three sisters and a brother) are still married to the original spouse. One of the five married a Catholic. The other four married non-Catholics who eventually converted.

Two brothers are deceased. Both were married once–non-Catholics who converted.

Of the remaining two brothers, one married a Catholic and one a non-Catholic. Both are on their third wife.

Oh, my wife’s sister also converted, as did 2 of her 3 children after marrying Catholics. And, my great-grandmother converted at 80!

I wouldn’t say it’s entirely “sad”…because, at least they are still Christians, just going to another church, that’s all.

I live in the south, and the reality is, there aren’t many single Catholics here, (or Catholics in general) and a huge populus of single people that attend those Non-Denominational churches.

I live near Orlando…at Disney they put on a big Contemporary Christian concert as well.

I mean, is it really a big deal that some members of your family converted to a Methodist or Presbyetrian like their wife?

I actually had a devout single girl that was rather active in our parrish , not only Mass, but a representative of sorts…then she met a guy through some friends, got married,…but…in her current spouses church, not the Catholic church.

I really don’t find it all to bothersome actually.

It IS sad because they left the fullness of truth for something less. Life without the Eucharist is unthinklable to me.

The Magisterium has declared that there is no salvation outside the Church. There are, of course exceptions such as invincible ignorance, a condition which many ex-Catholics don’t meet.

**Tell me, Tony - are you a Catholic?

Who is to say that the other faith they pursued isn’t the “one and true” religion. If you think about it, that’ slike sa ying the Catholic church is the ONLY church everyone in the world should be attending if they indeed want salvation.

Am I Catholic? I’ll save that for another post :slight_smile:

Our Lord Jesus Christ said it (Matt. 16:18-19, John 17:1-26).
Why the mystery surrounding your faith? Either you are Catholic or you aren’t.

By your posts and lack of understanding of the Catholic faith, my guess is that your not.

But sometimes Christians are referred to our seperated brethen? So maybe that is why Tony is confused, when other Catholics want to condemn non-Catholics to hell.

**Nobody wants to condemn non-Catholics to hell. Where do you get that from? **That is why I said that it was sad that my siblings converted to Protestantism.

I long, as God does, for them to return to his Church.

But if they do not return to the CC, then they are bound for hell(according to the CC). Is that correct? Because the Catholics believe they are the only Christians.

I am Catholic and spending time with a man who is just beginning to respond to God’s longing for him. He is unbaptized but has begun to attend a Christian Church in his town. He likes all of the recognizable faces that he grew up with. He also attends mass with me. Right now we are doing double duty and may continue to do so for the remainder of our friendship. He needs someone to hold his hand through this nascent courtship with God. I would marry him even if he didn’t decide to become Catholic though in my heart it is what I pray for.

**The Catholic Church doesn’t claim that they know who is in hell. **We leave every soul up to the grace of God. If you reject God’s Church, you reject Him.

In Luke 10:16, Jesus says of the church:
"Whoever listens to you listens to me. Whoever rejects you rejects me. And whoever rejects me rejects the one who sent me."

In John 12:47-49, Jesus clearly states:
"Whoever rejects me and does not accept my words has something to judge him: the word that I spoke, it will condemn him on the last day, because I did not speak on my own, but the Father who sent me commanded me what to say and speak."

You do the math.

Not really, God is the one who decides everyones fate and He desires everyone to be saved.

The Church Jesus founded is the Catholic Church so if we care about our brothers and sisters we will strongly urge them to join it, enjoy the Church Jesus founded, for their happiness and salvation. Sometimes Catholics can make mistakes and be rude about it, but in reality everyone should be Catholic.
There is space and a place for everyone in the Catholic Church, no one can honestly disagree with it. But crummy Catholics and poor understanding give people plenty of reasons to not join.

In Christ

There are plenty of Christians who are not Catholic but to be fully Christian is to be Catholic. If you are baptised you are Christian.

**Very well said. :thumbsup: **

The church’s term for this is “schism” and depending upon what group they now belong to, heresy or apostacy. All of which incur excommunication.

That doesn’t excuse a Catholic’s responsibility toward the Catholic Faith and their responsibility to form a Catholic household and raise their children Catholic.

Uh, yeah. It’s called schism and heresy. Both grave matter.

Then, you really need to study your faith more.

The depends upon their level of knowledge and free will in the matter. It is grave matter. If done with full knoweldge and free will, then yes it is mortally sinful and if they don’t repent they absolutely are in peril for their souls.

Invincible ignorance is possible, but it’s a high standard to meet.

This is incorrect.

If you say so. Not sure if I agree with you on that. I see this as quite a narrow-minded way of thinking.

My story is my parents stopped doing the Catholic faith altogether, though they still pray at home. They have their reasons, including an incident with a close relatives funeral…among other things. And of course, them having grown up during that “change” to the Vatican II, and also certain changes for instance…when things were once a sin in the Catholic church, are no longer a sin now that made them leave the church. When I was in my early teens, I was witnessed to this.

My dad was law enforcement and had to “pick up” a drunken priest…yeah, I guess you could only imagine how he felt.

So you could probably understand the negative feedback I had received from my parents who simply got “Sick of it all” and left the church and, of course I grew up around that.

Even around a entire family that started leaving the church for their own reasons as well, as I stated the whole “Married a man/woman” outside the Catholic church.

So, basically, my entire family, including myself are not fully practicing Catholics.
Although we hadn’t turned into atheists or any thing either.

Care to explain that comment?

That EVERYONE should be Catholic. You mean to tell me every southern Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Non-Denom, etc etc…is going to burn in hell?

That’s a joke.

Nothing personal here, but what you just described merely showcases how deep (shallow) their Catholic faith was. A well known Catholic priest once said, it is far better to be a good Protestant than a bad Catholic. That priest was Fr. John Corapi.

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