No Longer Evangelize Jews...?


I’m not sure if this has been discussed before, but if it has, perhaps someone could direct me to the relevant thread :slight_smile:

I recently attended a seminar on the Catholic Church and Ecumenism and I thought it was a very nice overview of some official Church documents…but I was left with an uneasy feeling about something that was presented to us. The speaker told us that it is the Church’s official position that there is no longer any need to evangelize Jews. I believe she referenced Nostra Aetate, but I could be mistaken. I might be reading into this statement too much, but isn’t it in direct conflict with B16’s recent announcement?? I was under the impression that Christ would draw all nations to Himself (or something to that effect :o).

I know that we still consider the Jews to be God’s Chosen People, but why would we not want to bring them into the fullness of the Truth that is present in the Catholic Church?


We have to evangelize everybody who is not catholic. It’s our duty to preach the truth. Jews rejected Jesus so we have to tell them about Him. If somebody says we shouldn’t evangelize Jews - is wrong.
God bless


I tell you what mattkubes, this might be a shocker to some, even the speaker, but the Gospel of Christ is to go to the Jew first, then the gentile. This speaker should be corrected A.S.A.P.


I don’t care what ANY bishop, groups of bishops (USCCB), or Cardinal may say:
I still pray for the conversion of Jewish people to Christ.

Whether liberal prelates, or Abe Foxman, or the ADL,
like it or not. They don’t like it? Tough noogies.



Amen, Jaypeeto4. Now you’re talking like a Protestant.




The Church teaching is that we are not to target specific groups. We are to evangelize all.

So: we do not evangelize Jews, or Druids, or Moslems, or Chinese, or Methodists, or Moonies.

We evangelize non-Catholics. This includes all the above, and more.

There was a time when some evangelized just a sub-group of non-Catholics and this was an error. We do not limit our evangelization.

Hope this helps.


Y’know, I don’t evangelize Jews…or Wiccans… or whatever… I share my faith with people, and some of my best discussions and friends are Jews. Since being Catholic is a big part of my life, it just seems to come up. :slight_smile:


Probably the best form of evangelization around. Nobody likes the “Are you saved brother?” approach. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the replies everyone - and I thought as much! So I guess it’s safe to assume that this particular interpretation of Nostra Aetate was a little…off the mark :rolleyes:


Very good question answered and thread closed.

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