No man will stop this grassroots movement


It is a mistake, an error, in scripture, and an error in Tradition, when one does not declare Saint Joseph the New Adam.

Many of the difficulties in the Catholic church would have been eliminated had this been done. Popes have said as much in Encyclicals and Exhortations, they have made. I do not know why this can not be seen, it appears to be some blindness.

Saint Joseph has been declared the father of the Church in the same manner as Mary has been declared It’s mother.

He is the one declared to guard and till the new garden by an angel and he has done all asked of him.

I do not think any of you can explain all this into your silent ignorance any more.

I am proud of my efforts on this forum, in bring this to light, it is the right thing to do.

I know that Christ is on my side and none of you will be able to stop this grassroots movement for as it grows so will the Church.


Christ is not on the side of a grassroots movement- he is on the “side” of the Church you insult, therefore you insult Christ himself! Blasphemey!!!:eek:


Joseph the new Adam? I think not. Jesus.


Have you been talking to these guys and then started something even more new?

What in the world are you mixed up in?:confused:


See Rm 5:16-18, Jesus is the New Adam.

Adam causes the Fall of man through one act.
Jesus reverses the Fall of man through one act.

Adam’s bride is taken from his side.
The Church the Bride of Christ is biult up from Christ’s side. Water = Baptism, Blood = Eucharist.


Just my two cents, but Joseph cannot be the new Adam, He had sin.
Granted, he was a just and wonderful man, but he had sin. That is why Christ is the new Adam and Mary the new Eve, because by Adam and Eve sin entered the world, through Jesus and incidentally (because of her Son) Mary, sin was overcome.

A lone Raven


So say all heretics who grab onto one thought and run the wrong way with it.

As has already been shown to you, it is clear from both Scripture and Tradition that Jesus Christ is the New Adam. St. Joseph is a powerful patron to have, as the Church clearly proclaims, but your efforts are sadly misguided.


Just a minor correction, folks: Jesus Christ is the last Adam, not the “New” Adam, as people here are saying, or even the “second” Adam (as I’ve seen any number of people, including some professional apologists) say.



Do you doubt this scripture too?

In the Gospel of St. John, Jesus (new adam) calls Mary “Woman” (2:3)
Just as the first Adam had called Eve Gen. 2:23 “She shall be called “woman”, because she was taken out of man”


I have the utmost respect and devotion for St Joseph, possibly the greatest of the saints after Our Lady herself, but this is COMPLETELY off-base and CONTRARY to scripture.


Weird deja vu. Weren’t you just on Relevant Radio asking this question. IIRC, they rather debunked the idea too.
Christ is the new Adam. He is the only man since Adam to come into the world without the stain of original sin. Like Adam, he was tempted, but did not succumb to the temptation to sin.

Mary is the New Eve because the is the first woman to enter the world without the stain of original sin since the first Eve. Also like Eve, she had to choose between following her own desires and temptations, but unlike Eve, made the right choice.

St. Joseph is not an Immaculate Conception. He was born like the rest of us. And in some ways, this makes his acheivement all the much more inspiring and hopeful for us jamokes that were, like him, born blemished.

But don’t take my word for it. Ask the intercession of St. Joseph in your quest to understand. He won’t let you down!


You might be right about one thing.

No man will stop this grassroots movement. No man has to. No Catholic will fall for this baloney.

It would be heresy. Therefore this movement would be a heretical movement and you know what comes next!

You dont even respond to these posts. How convinced are you?




Do a search on Saint Joseph


Pride comes before a fall.

CCC 505 By his virginal conception, Jesus, the New Adam, ushers in the new birth of children adopted in the Holy Spirit through faith. “How can this be?” Participation in the divine life arises “not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God”. The acceptance of this life is virginal because it is entirely the Spirit’s gift to man. The spousal character of the human vocation in relation to God is fulfilled perfectly in Mary’s virginal motherhood.

CCC 539 The evangelists indicate the salvific meaning of this mysterious event: " Jesus is the new Adam who remained faithful just where the first Adam had given in to temptation. Jesus fulfills Israel’s vocation perfectly: in contrast to those who had once provoked God during forty years in the desert, Christ reveals himself as God’s Servant, totally obedient to the divine will. In this, Jesus is the devil’s conqueror: he “binds the strong man” to take back his plunder. Jesus’ victory over the tempter in the desert anticipates victory at the Passion, the supreme act of obedience of his filial love for the Father.

CCC 504 **Jesus is conceived by the Holy Spirit in the Virgin Mary’s womb because he is the New Adam, who inaugurates the new creation: “The first man was from the earth, a man of dust; the second man is from heaven.” From his conception, Christ’s humanity is filled with the Holy Spirit, for God “gives him the Spirit without measure.” From “his fullness” as the head of redeemed humanity “we have all received, grace upon grace.”


It has made us think. We think you should seek some professional help!


Kyrie Eleison. Christe Eleison. Kyrie Eleison.


Actually, Joseph the husband of Mary represents the New Joseph, the son of Jacob/Israel.

They both interpreted dreams.

They both brought their families to Egypt to save and protect them.

And there are a few more comparisons that seem to escape me right now.


Dear Beaver,

I did the search and read the devotion encyclical. You notice something that I am not seeing. No where in that document is the implication made that you have formed. Note the word reputed over and over?

Me thinks you are reading into it what you want it to read like.

New Adam is not Joseph. Joseph was Joseph and as holy a man as he was, he was not the new Adam.

This is impossible. Dont you see how that is weak theology? How that thinking takes away from Jesus and his role in the scheme of things?

No one is mad. Prove your alleged point here.

Heretical thought is the devil talking to you trying to take you away from the Church.


No one on this forum have fallen into your grassroots heresy movement. Look how far this has got you…NOWHERE…
In Charity I ask to revisit this issue and to change your view, so that you are not simply a lone wave smashing against the infallible and indestructable ship that is the Church, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. This ship has been through the worst waters imaginable this little ripple is nothing, however it is a big deal to you since you are apparently firing against His Church…You have no documentation to back this claim up. PLease revisit this issue, so that we can help you back into the Ship



In all charity, I have read the posts and looked in the authorities you cited and in the Catechism and I don’t see any basis for your conclusions about St. Joseph or the assertions that if he were recognized as the father of the church difficulties would have been avoided.

According to Scripture and Tradition, St. Joseph was not the father of Jesus. God was. There is no scriptural authority, and as far as I know no tradition, that St. Joseph was the father of anyone.

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