No men OR women needed: Scientists create sperm and eggs from stem cells

Human eggs and sperm have been grown in the laboratory in research which could change the face of parenthood.

It paves the way for a cure for infertility and could help those left sterile by cancer treatment to have children who are biologically their own.

But it raises a number of moral and ethical concerns. These include the possibility of children being born through entirely artificial means, and men and women being sidelined from the process of making babies.

Opponents argue that it is wrong to meddle with the building blocks of life and warn that the advances taking place to tackle infertility risk distorting and damaging relations between family members.

The U.S. government-funded research also offers the prospect of a ‘miracle pill’ which staves off the menopause, allowing women to wait longer to have a child.
It centres on stem cells, widely seen as a repair kit for the body.

Scientists at Stanford University in California found the right cocktail of chemicals and vitamins to coax the cells into becoming eggs and sperm.

The sperm had heads and short tails and are thought to have been mature enough to fertilise an egg.

The eggs were at a much earlier stage but were still much more developed than any created so far by other scientists.

The double success, published in the journal Nature, raises the prospect of men and women one day ‘growing’ their own sperm and eggs for use in IVF treatments.

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Yep, it has come to this. The paradox of the Culture of Death, limit natural procreation with contraception, but encourage every form of “procreation” done in a petri dish.

Science fiction is becoming science fact. 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, Gattaca, all seem to be coming true in one way or another.

Children are a gift, not a right. It’s the flip side of denying babies when God wants to send them(contraception and abortion)-creating life in areas God never intended.(Babies to a 67 year old woman, ect.)
My heart goes out to infertile couples-but as I said- Children are a gift-not a right.
Dh and I have been very impressed with the writings from the Magesterium(Humanae vitae, Donumn Vitae, ect) which are antidotes to this sort of thing.

no scientist has ever created anything from nothing

some people who call themselves scientists have manipulated, in their labs, matter created by God in ways the Creator never intended, but that is manipulation not creation

And Chesterton was right. Take all these ideas to their logical conclusion and this is exactly what you are going to get.

This is the most backwards concept I’ve ever heard. They’re using embryos to make sperm and eggs, which will then be used to make embryos??

Apparently you don’t need to be logical to be a scientist.

I was going to ask why anyone would do this, but then I realized, anything that seems possible, some scientist somewhere will eventually try it. It just seems so backwards. Since 1970, there have been over a Billion, that’s Billion with a B, abortions performed world wide. We’ve killed off a sixth of the world’s population, yet we’re finding ways to artificially create children to enable infertile couples to have their own biological children. The whole time I was reading this, I had T.S. Eliot going through my head:

O weariness of men who turn from God, to the grandeur of your mind and the glory of your action.
To schemes of human greatness thouroughly discredited,
binding the earth and the water to your service,
exploiting the seas and developing the mountains,
dividing the stars into common and preferred,
Engaged in devising the perfect refrigerator,
Engaged in devising a rational morality,
Engaged in printing as many books as possible,
Plotting of happiness and flinging empty bottles,
Turning from your vacancy to fevered enthusiasm for nation or race or what you call humanity.
Though you forget the way to the temple, there is one who remembers the way to your door.
Life you may evade, but death you shall not.
You shall not deny the stranger.

LOL. When you put it that way it does seem like some lame magic trick.

Reminds mof of a joke I once heard … " A scientest was boasting before God, “You are obsolete because now we can create life!” God said, “Okay, show me.” As the scientest bent down to pick up a handful of dirt, God said," Hey, get your own dirt!"

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