No Mercy: Woman Caught Robbing Worshippers in Church

OK, so how many people do you know that take their purse with them in the communion line?

I never thought that you could be robed in the church. That is sick. what sikens me even more the comments posted by some readers at the end of the story

Some people come to pray - others come to prey. Old saying I heard somewhere.

In my home parish I know who is sitting around me & they know me. I usually put my purse on the floor in front of me - it would be hard for anyone to take something from it without my noticing - if they could find anything worthwhile! :smiley:

When I’m visiting another parish I do take my purse with me to Communion.

I used to think that those taking all of ones belongings with them in line was just step one in the Judas Shuffle.

Now it looks like just good sense.


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