No more Car Talk? Say it ain't so!

Click and Clack are retiring!

Yes, the only NPR show worth listening to is coming to an end. I don’t even drive but I’ve listened for years.
I love when folks call up after fixing a care themselves or the “check engine” light has been on for a year :smiley:

I became a fan of theirs way back in the 70s. I’ve spent many an afternoon listening to them while studying, cleaning, cooking, or (of course) driving somewhere. They will be missed. :frowning:


So sad!! Car Talk is the only program I can listen to on NPR where I don’t feel as if I’m being propagandized by the left.

I never listened to this show, but cheer up, you still have the ultra-liberal Amy Goodman show “Democracy Now!” on NPR to entertain you. (Both ultra-liberal and ultra-conservative shows can be amusing, and even informative.)

Its sad. Car Talk is one of public radio’s flagship programs, and perhaps NPR’s best loved. But the brothers have been considering ending it for years. Everyone gets tired :shrug:

And as the article mentions, the older brother is about to turn 75 years old. He should be free to wander and explore. :slight_smile:

For a long time, the brothers have been rating their callers on a 1 to 5 scale. NPR plans on repackaging archived shows, pulling together segments rated 5 so that the show can continue for some time into the future.

I haven’t listened to an entire show, so can’t comment on its quality. But I did want to mention that it is neither produced nor distributed by NPR. Democracy Now! handles both those functions and the show (at least according to its website) prizes its independence.

Of course, some public radio stations air the program and these same stations may also air NPR programs. I guess I want to make the point that NPR is not the same as public radio, and vice versa.

The Democracy Now website has a handy map of North America which allows persons to locate radio and television stations airing their show. A quick glance at Iowa and California suggests that most stations may be small with a very restricted broadcast radius.

Well, I had to hear it but wish the brothers well. I have really, really enjoyed the show over the years. :slight_smile:

While I agree that everyone should get to retire eventually, this makes me so sad. When I was younger my dad and I would go out to breakfast on Saturday mornings listen to Cartalk on the way back home. It was our Saturday morning daddy-daughter thing.

But all things must pass, I guess. I wish the brothers the best of luck.

They are funny, but its a bit of a formula after a while.

Ray: My brother’s car is a heap and I’m tired of him dropping our customer’s cars off the lift!

Tom: What’s that Ray, the sun glinting off your receded hairline is so blinding I can’t hear you either…

Both: Caller, what was the question again?

Both: Sell that heap and buy a Toyota or a Subaru.

Once you’ve heard 12 episodes, you’ve heard them all.

I think Democracy Now! (cough, cough) has something to do with Pacifica Radio. It normally is aired on Pacifica Radio stations.

I don’t blame the Car Talk guys for retiring; they’ve been at it for years and frankly I haven’t listened for quite a while. Even the best of formulas can become well, formulaic over time. Plus they solved all of America’s car problems, right? So they’ve earned a good rest.

I will miss their shout-outs to their law firm, Dewey Cheatham and Howe, however.

Oh, that is interesting. Pacifica is a public radio network, but decidedly to the left of NPR.


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