No more Michael Voris threads

Anyone who starts another thread on Michael Voris for the foreseeable future will have their account permanently closed. Period.

If I may so bold as to make a suggestion, it might be an idea to “sticky” this for a day or two so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle :slight_smile:

Wait why? Are they causing fights or something?

Nobody notices stickies.


Who is Michael Voris? I’ve never even heard of him.

Thank you Jo.


Start a thread to ask :wink:

No, dont… That would not be cool.

That’s why I was hoping someone could tell me who or what he is.

Easiest thing is to google his name. You’ll get quite a few hits.

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to ban the users causing the arguments than to ban the expression of a traditional catholic view point in the traditional catholic section?

Just PM Lizanne or anyone with the RCTV signature and I am sure they will be more than willing to give you information, but please don’t post anything about the subject in controversy.

He is a shining beacon of light in a world full of darkness and a voice for the voiceless.

I just want to get this straight. No other threads may be started but this thread is free to use?

I agree with Advocatus. I recently saw a video thanks to a link here that I thought was great and traditional minded. I understand a website isn’t necessarily a republic and is in fact more of a dictatorship however isn’t this year the Year of Religious Freedom?

This is a traditional forum where traditional worship and practices are to be discussed. It is not a forum to bash the Ordinary Form Liturgy, which is what the Voris videos attempt to do, and certain traditionalists who sided with his views angrily wished to bar the OF defenders from discussion.

I believe if you check the forum rules, it is not permitted to trash any liturgy, let alone the main one celebrated universally in the Church today.

I’m sorry you can’t tell the difference between valid criticisms and mindless “trashing”, criticisms by the way that are shared by members of the clergy including Bishops and Cardinals and perhaps even the Pope himself.

Yeah I must be living under a rock, I’ve had no idea this was such a contentious subject. Real Catholic TV is a great resource. Just seems solidly Catholic to me, nothing for controversy. :shrug:

Advocatus Fidei,

Nor can certain traditionalists, which is why the threads were closed AND removed.

Well that is not my experience at CAF, what I witness is that traditional Catholics are not free to be traditional Catholics here and are treat as second class Catholics who can be attacked with impunity and are then punished if they defend themselves.

So the threads were closed solely due to “certain traditionalists”? :confused: I have a hard time believing that. I have been on these boards for a long time and only recently returned, but there are always two sides to a story. I would tend to believe that the closures were due to the narrow mindedness, hostility and prejudices of certain people on both sides of the issue, of which there is no shortage at all on this particular forum.

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