No moto for May 5

Aint gonna happen…at least on May 5! Too late in the week now. cinco de mayo is on Sunday and Letters would have been on desks for days now. People think that the pope just all the sudden releases a Moto Propro on the DAY of the realease and that is not how it works. Newspapers would have been notified by now for a May 5 release.

I must be missing something. Why is May 5th an important date for the Vatican and/or Pope Benedict?

May 5th Pope St. Pius V in the Old Calendar.

Ah…thanks. Now, I remember. :thumbsup:. The “cinco de mayo” comment through me off because that is primarily a Mexican American holiday (it’s not even a big deal in Mexico).

But, this was just a guess on the part of some people, right? IIRC there have been lots of “possible” anniversary dates, liturgical dates, etc. given

patience, peeps…patience.

I say Pentecost would be a good time.

I can hear it–AFTER the Mass is over, played down in the Parish Hall.

Happy Birthday to You–Happy Birthday to You–Happy Birthday, Catholic Chur-urch–
Now enjoy the Motu!!

Ok OK now is when is pentecost on the traditional Calendar?

I’m not going to stop holding my breathe yet, I see no reason why the Pope would want all the media to know.

Pentecost occurs 50 days after easter. This year it will be on 27th may.

As most things, it will come when it’s least expected.

Adveniet ubi adveniet.

Exactly. :slight_smile:

I heard Dr. Thomas Woods (“How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization”) speak yesterday on Pope Benedict and the 1962 Missal. What struck me was how supportive Ratzinger/Benedict has been in writing about the TLM. One of the main points that Ratzinger/Benedict has made is that one does not take what had been the Church’s most valued possession (the TLM) for a millenia and suddenly declare it off limits, abandoned, no longer suitable. To do so naturally calls everything the Church has ever valued into question - what’s next to go?

A very interesting talk.

Moto Propro? I think it’s motu proprio.

May 5 is Saturday, not Sunday.

I’m glad you know how it works. Maybe Pope Benedict XVI didn’t see your post and will release it on May 5 anyways. I doubt it, but you never know.

December 25 :smiley:

No one expects the Moto Proprio!!!

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. :smiley:

It’s Moto Propro. Get it right. :smiley:

[quote=THurifer2]People think that the pope just all the sudden releases a Moto Propro on the DAY of the realease and that is not how it works.

I think we should have a Moto Lotto. Guess the time and date it will come out this week. If it doesn’t come out this week, all money is carried over to next week. Sell more tickets.

A buck a shot. Whadaya say ? :smiley:

I stand by my original statement. THERE WILL BE NO MOTO PROPRO ON MAY 5!!!.

Moto proprio? now that is a different matter.

Thank you grammar and spelling police for POO POOing my PROPRIO spelling.

Fr Z writes MOTU PROPRIO. Scribit quod est.

Yes. it is spelled “Motu Proprio”.

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