No Muslims Allowed



U.S. gun range owner says Muslims are not welcome.


That’s beyond the pail. I hope that something is done about this and fast.


Beyond the Pale.

So I guess they figure a Jihadist terrorist wanting to shoot people will rock up to a shooting range with a full beard shouting Allah Akbar, can I please have a membership form you infidel pig? :confused:

Considering what happened recently I’d prefer them to ban children under the age of 16 from shooting guns at all ranges.


The gun-range owner it sounds like had customers, one with no proof of citizenship come in with “Allahu-Akbar” on its ringtone. It sounds like the gun-range owner also says her life has been threatened, possibly via email. So, perhaps these are precautions being taken. It sounds a bit more involved than what the original article says.


Let’s not forget the 9/11 terrorists who enrolled in flight schools so they could take over the airliner controls. I’m not defending religious discrimination, but these are strange and dangerous times.


Toddlers killed more people than muslim terrorists in the U.S. in 2013. Hopefully they are also banned from his gun range. It’s sad that we can’t assume that’s the case.


If anything happens to this womans safety, now that she’s gone public with her opinion, there will be serious problems, guaranteed.


Hopefully action is taken to fine this woman or force her to change her discriminatory business practices.


yes and toddlers are going to cut off peoples heads as well?


Here is a mainstream media link on this story:

She also revealed that she had received death threats for her views of Islam, which formed another part of her reasoning for banning Muslims.

In her second reason, she said: “My life has been threatened repeatedly by Muslims in response to my publication of those verses from their Koran.”

She also referenced a recent situation where two Muslims came to her range with “Allah akbar ringtone and message alert tones” on their phones.

She said they spoke very little English, one did not have U.S. citizenship, but they wanted to shoot guns.

“Their behaviour was unnerving to my patrons. No one would enter the range to shoot while they were there. (can you blame them?),” she wrote.


At a gun range a child would be more likely shoot someone or themselves if an accident accord.

So around here.

Discriminate against Protestants- Not OK
Discriminate against Catholics- Not OK
Discriminate against survivalists/militia members- Not OK
Discriminate against Jews- Not OK

Discriminate against Muslims- OK


Red more here about Jan Morgan. She is vehemently pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment and pro-American Partiotism. She is very well-known in those circles.

I follow her on Facebook. While I would stop short of calling her a “nut”, she is still very far right of center.


I think that is the case. Although, I am not sure how many Muslims are going into an Arkansas gun range. I don’t blame the owner. I am sure there is a huge liability with these types of places. The Fort Hood and the recent beheading in Kansas are actually very scary. Maybe if there were more outrage in the Muslim community instead of lip service to these murders in the name of Allah, there would be more confidence. The flight schools have cracked down since 9/11.


I assume she, the gun-range owner, has proof for all of this, at least witness testimony if she is asserting customers were scared away and so on. The whole premise in some ways sounds a bit over the top to me but perhaps it is true. It’s not so easy believing these people would be Hot Springs Arkansas, I mean I don’t doubt the religion is there as it is in many places but unsure about the details.

Did she notify the police about all of this?


Sorry but all those other religious groups are not going around and killing people in the name of their God. And all you can come up with is some blog that make some goofy claim that toddlers kill more people than Muslims. The guy that was fired then came back already made threats to behead women at the plant. That is why he was fired. Yes, he wasn’t the choir boy but really is what stopped this guy was a gun owner himself. One woman just lost her life in the sickest fashion and you are worried about discrimination for the rest of them?


I fear this cannot end well for anyone. To blatantly discriminate against someone because of their religion is sinful, and think of the outrage if a Muslim owner said “No Christians Allowed.” I also am doubting the validity of this story, and hope it’s not true. I agree with the “No Children Allowed” would be much more acceptable.


I was only making a joke. If I didn’t feel like joking I’d point out that the greatest terrorist threat in the U.S. is Soverign Citizen types.


there would have been another beheading if not more if he wasn’t shot by a legal gun owner himself. It wasn’t the police, it wasn’t the military, it was a normal American that stopped this guy and he didn’t even kill him, just wounded him. On 9/11, the first fight back against terrorists was on flight 93. Again it wasn’t the police, it wasn’t fighter jets, it wasn’t our military, it was normal Americans that did what they could to retake the plane. I am against discrimination but if this range owner witnessed and was harassed by Muslims then I don’t blame her.


What has happen to our freedom of association in this country? If it was my gun range I wouldn’t ban anyone. That said, if she wants to eliminate her customer base what business is it of yours.If she doesn’t allow KKK members, or convicted criminals , or Baptist, into her business are you ok with that, you fill in the Blank. No offense meant to Baptist. I guess my biggest beef about this post is we all discriminate at some point, who sets the standard. America has become like the Roman MOB , off with there heads, throw them to the Lions, if we don’t agree with them. Oh that right, the Mob did that to Jesus, nail him to the Cross.


and that is what the Boston marathon guys were too? US citizens? Really, that one was in your own back yard. Robert Spencer was going to speak at a Catholic Church, the Bishop pulled the plug because they were developing “friendly” relationships with the local mosque, which was the same mosque that those two thugs attended and “prayed” at. So much for friendly relations, the mosque was teaching radical Islam. Maybe if Robert Spencer was allowed to speak at the Catholic Church, people in your own area would have been better informed and aware. Those two killers murdered a 8 year old Catholic boy.

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