No Nazis in EU!


In March 4 there will be Parliament election conducted in Estonia. And who’s in first ranks in election list? Hum! Social-democratic and Res Publica Party with their great ideas of revision of WW II results and reshaping of European borders according Hitler’s schemes. Well, very, very worthy organizations. Let’s go further. Oh, Father Union with their notorious leader Tunne Kelam whose father had been jailer in Klooga during Nazi occupation of Estonia. No doubt that he would conduct neo-fascist regime if his party would come to power. Curiouser and curiouser… At last look at Reform Party. May be group of present Prime Minister Andrus Ansip is better and exemplary in their views for others? Then how did it come that just this Party initiated those shameful case with passing that package of drafts allowing demolition of memorials to Soviet soldiers who died liberating Estonia from Nazis in WW II.
So here you are! ‘Worthy’ member of EU Estonia is led by inveterate Nazi. And there is real menace that its Parliament would remain mob of neo-fascists. It must not be allowed! Nazis in EU is intolerable. If those Parties would be majority in Estonian Parliament we’ll have to remember similar election in Austria in 2002 and incident with right ultras’ leader Joerg Haider and to boycott Nazi coalition striving for its dissolution.
We should remember our past and should joint hands with each one another saying no to any Nazi monster trying to penetrate into EU.


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