No Novus Ordo in Campos Brazil

No Novus Ordo in Campos Brazil!

I am not sure if many on this forum know this or not. In Campos Brazil the Novus Ordo is not celebrated. It turns out that after Vatican II the Bishop did not agree with the reforms, so he kept the status quo. Many years went by and no one paid much attention to it. The Bishop teamed up with the (at that time not schismatic SSPX).

Then finally a buzz was going on in the Traditional Catholic circles about Campos Brazil. So much noise was made that the Vatican put pressure on the Bishop to celebrate the Novus Ordo. He refused and there was talk of schism because at that point the SSPX were schismatic (1988).

To make a long story short the diocese of Campos Brazil and the Vatican came to an agreement and the Novus Ordo is not celebrate there.

I have had a hard time finding links on the topic that were not bias. But I manage to find these:


Mantillas are the norm:

Nuns are still Nuns (habit)

Neighborhood is poor:

But the kids are happy:

**Ah, the poor of Tradition! **

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BTW, they state vocations are WAY up! :slight_smile:


**Ah, the poor of Tradition! **

Should have stated:

Ah, the POWER of Tradition!

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If there was no Novus Ordo in Campos,Brazil, why is there both a Diocese of Campos and a Apostolic Administration of St John Vianney in Campos, each with their own Bishop?

This is pretty cool.

I believe that happened during the years of “schism” but I do believe after the council for many years there was NO Novu Ordo there.

It seems that Rome appointed a new Bishop in the 80’s but again please correct me if I am wrong.

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As I understood it - there was a large contingency of schismatic masses under the SSPX in Campos and they are now in full communion with Rome, being allowed to continue the TLM and not having to celebrate the N.O. Mass

I can’t vouch for the full validity of this story below but it was written before the reconciliation and gives a history of what happened and why there were no NOM in Campos even though a Bishop appointed when Bishop de Castro Mayer retired tried to institute them there. The people just would not comply. Very itneresting story

And in the end, their preserverence has won out and the priests of Campos are all now in full communion with Rome and celebrating the TLM only


Thanks for the post! I have started to read it.

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This is great aByzantine! Now those are real Catholic Priests. I don’t beleive there are any electric guitars, drums, etc, there? No dancing in imitation of pentecostals. No Communion on the hand. No songs such as “On Eagle’s Wings” sung there or Amazing Grace.
:tiphat: Keep posting great things and info. As this, these are real eye-openers.

The Society of St. John Vianney has been reconciled with the Church and made an Apostolic Administration consisting of 26 priests serving about 28,000 faithful and offering the Tridentine Rite Mass exclusively. The Diocese of Campos, Brazil consists of about 60 priests serving about 612,000 faithful and offering the “Novus Ordo” Mass under the leadership of the Bishop of Campos, Most Rev. Roberto Guimares, who worked heroically to end this first schism in Latin America. There are still plenty of “Novus Ordo” Masses in Campos, and I surmise many are being offered in thanksgiving for an end to this schism.

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If there was no Novus Ordo in Campos,Brazil, why is there both a Diocese of Campos and a Apostolic Administration of St John Vianney in Campos, each with their own Bishop?


The diocese of Campos, Brazil; os the only diocese where the reforms of vatican 11 were never implemented.

Nowadays there are two jurisdictions: a diocese whose Bishop is Monsignor Robert Gomes Guimaraes, and the personal apostolic administration of Saint john Mary Vianney whose apostolic administrator is Monsignor Fernando Areas Rifan. Rifan is a Traditionalist and Tridentine massess continue as before.

Bishop Carlos Navarro became bishop and instituted the Novos Ordo, and outlawed the EF around 1981. The traditionalists then flocked to John Vianney.

What the very latest situation is I do not know. Perhaps some one can help research the subject and post.

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