No offence intended, but why does God care about sexual sins?

Hi all! I’m an atheist and sometimes lurk on this forum. It’s interesting and healthy to understand how others view the world, and as I come from a Catholic background myself (I left the faith 16 years ago) I find the views of believers especially interesting.

I do have a question, but phrasing it may be tricky so please remember that this is being asked with all due respect to your personal faith.

With regards to certain actions, such as; condom use, church attendance, masturbation, etc I have to ask - doesn’t God have anything better to do?

Why would he care about one human among billions using a condom in bed when God has an entire universe to tend to? Why doesn’t God concentrate on curing cancer in children, promoting world peace, helping to eradicate disease etc etc etc? Why should he even care what a person does in bed?

  1. Fornication degrades the bond of intimacy that is intended only for a husband and wife.
  2. Fornication causes suffering, broken hearts or worse (STDs, unplanned pregnancies, etc)
  3. Fornication causes people to not make families and instead they chase after their own pleasure.
  4. Families that do come out of it will be troubled and not as tight and will probably end in divorce.
  5. Self fornication messes with your hormones in your head, causing you to spiral deeper and deeper into degeneracy.
  6. It causes people to not be socialable (why go out and find a spouse when I can just get off on the Internet/a nuddie magazine?)

Besides, God is infinite, He can worry about us on a personal level as well as a societal level.


Hi Francisfan43, thank you for your response.

  1. I can understand that this is a point of faith, so I have no comment here

  2. Fornication is a broad term. What are you using it to refer to in this case? Marriage can and does also lead to broken hearts and unplanned pregnancies. STD’s aren’t guaranteed, especially when people practice safe sex.

  3. Plenty of my ‘fornicating’ friends have since married. Can you provide any research which demonstrates this trend in society? :slightly_smiling_face: People are getting married later, but they’re also bringing better financial and emotional resources to the union which is reducing divorce rates in younger generations.

  4. Can you provide research to prove that? Plenty of families in the 50s had their own troubles, and married women’s mental health was very poor in the 19th century.

  5. Can you prove that? I’ve never read anywhere that masturbation does anything to your hormones

  6. The opposite is true, surely? I can go on dates, meet more people of the opposite sex, not worry about marriage and settling down just yet etc.

God is infinite (as defined). That’s why I don’t get it… Doesn’t he have better and bigger things to worry about then condom use etc?

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In terms of God interceding to ease human suffering, like in your example of Him curing cancer, one must remember that in Christ, we believe in God suffering along with us. As a Catholic, as hard as it is for a human mind to fathom, the worst thing isn’t just dying - but dying in a state of mortal sin, separated from God.

In any case, why should God not go a step further and just eliminate death entirely? The Christian belief in the fall of man must be kept in mind. Focusing on worldly suffering is important, but as Catholics we believe in a life beyond this one, where suffering is gone.

We try our best to find the good that comes through suffering. The way our society treats a person suffering from cancer is a sign of our respect for the dignity of human life.

As @FrancisFan43 pointed out, fornication degrades the idea of marriage and the sexual bond between a husband and life. When God made us in His image, one of the great abilities He gave us was the capacity to bring new life into the world, which should not be taken lightly. Modern society (and even at times in the past) has cheapened the sexual act, elevating it to a necessity like food or shelter, even to the point of promoting it outside the bonds of marriage. I remember a priest once telling us that there are 1000s of ways to love another person, and sex is just one of them. So there are many ways to express love to another without breaking one of God’s commandments.


Your answer about suffering is really interesting, thank you :slightly_smiling_face: That’s a perspective I’ve never considered before.

I do find it difficult to understand why a merciful and interesting God would allow children to suffer so terribly. Surely children haven’t had a chance yet? How can they go out and do good works / spread the faith if they are extremely unwell?

The suffering of a child is a challenge for both non-believers as well as the most dedicated ones. It’s never easy to experience or contemplate.

But even your own recognition that the suffering of a child is terrible again highlights the dignity of life. Why is life important? Why is the suffering of a child so bad? It is because they have the God-given dignity of being a human, and also, like you pointed out, they are the most innocent among us.

Sometimes a suffering child can spread the faith. Many times we see the story of a child with cancer who isn’t slowed down to pursue his or her dreams. They can serve as inspiration to others. They provide an example - “if you think you have it bad, look at me. But I’ve still got a smile on my face and I’m helping others.”


Again, you’ve made some interesting points. Although I don’t believe, it’s really helpful to better understand how a believer views suffering. Thank you

Keep in mind that Jesus physically healed many people. But at the beginning of the second chapter of St. Mark’s Gospel, we see that cleansing the man of his sins was paramount over healing his illness.


I guess my response to that is that children haven’t committed any sins yet.

Again, and since you are a former Catholic you know this, but that Christ suffered for us helps unite us to suffering. We don’t believe in a God who tells us that everything is going to be ok, but then we see a disconnect with actual evil and suffering in the world. When we go to Mass and see the crucifix above the altar, we are reminded that Jesus suffered like we do, but our hope eternal life helps keep the suffering in perspective.


Christian belief is that the fall of our first parents affects all of mankind until the last day.

If not cancer, there are still accidents, the evil of others, etc. Nobody is physically immortal.

Christ was not born with original sin and never sinned in life, but He died to rise again.

Since the beginning of human tribal society, human beings have placed a lot of importance on sexual relations. I think the answer is pretty straightforward: beliefs shape values, values shape goals, goals shape actions, actions shape the world.

Sexual relations in a positive light lead to prospering families, better mental health, happiness, societal stability, economic stability. Sexual relations in a negative light lead to divorces, domestic abuse, sexual slavery, depression, dysfunctional families, decreased mental health, societal breakdown, economic recession.

So with things such as pornography and masturbation, sex is being used recreationally. Self-control decreases and people are devalued and objectified. In the case of a happy marriage, the husband and wife are respected and any future progeny are nurtured in the environment they deserve.

As far as what does or doesn’t matter to God: there is no need to focus on anything. He can do everything and anything all at once. But, on a purely secular level, sexual relations and sexual ethics are one of the most crucial factors that make or break a successful society.


God promotes the curing of cancer through Doctors and researchers who work on that and other diseases. He promotes world peace through those people whom He has chosen to work for it. His ways are not our ways.


We have to accept things as the mysteries that they are. Only when we leave this world and get to the other side will we see the sense in all that occurs down here.


Your question implies God isn’t omnipotent which he is.


I’ve heard this objection before, and I’ve always found it a curious one. God is both omniscient and omnipresent, so the idea that, by focusing on one thing he can’t focus on another, is a strange one.

I think this is due to the fact that most atheists view sex as being fairly minor, or having little to no moral value (beyond consent, of course). But Christians believe that it has a spiritual component - Like it or not, it creates a special spiritual bond that isn’t to be taken lightly. As to your concerns about contraception, etc, much of that is due to Thomistic metaphysics, according to which everything is pointed towards a goal - a final cause, and it would be a sin to intentionally remove this goal. Now one of the goals of sex (though not the only one) is procreation, so intentionally removing this goal (by using a condom, etc) would be a sin.


A simple answer is that He loves all of us and doesn’t want us to sin.

He’s merciful so all those sins can be reconciled. He’s taught us that He goes out of His way to find the one lost sheep, one lost coin.

I’ve got 3 kids, a sick mom, a sister recovering from surgery. It’s hard for me to divide myself. Today especially I’m feeling stressed.

But with God, each of us are special as if we were just His only child. That’s why he cares about even small sins.


I guess that makes sense. Once you include the concept of a 'spiritual bond’s, these things are suddenly very important. From a secular perspective alone, a condom is just a very useful piece of rubber.

Your answer is really interesting, thank you!

They certainly aren’t. God waited a very long time throughout human history before making medical interventions even remotely effective.

I think it is easy to see that sex and procreation have become disconnected in the eyes of society.

But what is more important is that the sense of the human as the greatest aspect of the universe (Catholocs would say humans are the pinnacke of God’s creation) has been lost.

In today’s society, people are a lot of things, from product of conception to pleasure partner to economic unit, but not what you might call lovingly and uniquely handcrafted by the Creator of the Universe Who kindly allows us to share in the process for which He gave us human sexual activity.

Thus we can have things like Peter Singer saying that infanticide should be allowed for up to 2 years and philosophers who believe the earth would be better off without humans.

God is concerned about sex because it is the vehicle by which more humans come into existence, which makes sex a hugely important thing!

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