No one can enter Heaven unless by Mary

Jesus said that he did not tell us everything, because we could not take it and that the Holy Spirit would lead us to all truth. You seem to be suggesting that God stopped working where the bible ends. So, I offer this. If, at the assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary, God decided that all graces are to be distributed through her and that to honor the Son you must honor the mother and to dishonor the mother also dishonors the Son, then who are you to say that God cannot do this?

And also publicly. We also pray directly to Jesus in Mass all the time as we do to God the Father. One can and should do both. But to suggest that Mary is required to receive grace from God is false.

When you receive absolution in the sacrament of reconciliation that is given by the power of the Holy Spirit through the priest acting in the person of Christ and in the name of the Blessed Trinity. When you are confirmed into the Faith you are done so by being sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit. When you are baptized you are done so in the name of the Blessed Trinity. When the priest performs the consecration of the Holy Eucharist it is conferred by the power of the Holy Spirit and with the priest acting in the person of Christ. All of these things represent graces given by God to us, His undeserving faithful. I have never seen anything which suggests that the Church teaches that we are required to go through Mary to receive any of them.

:yup: The Mother of the Saviour and Our Interior Life by the great Dominican theologian Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange is the one to read for a better understanding of Mary’s role in the salvation of those united to her Son - including her prerogative mentioned by St. Bonaventure.

"Among all the different graces that which is the most peculiar to any particular wayfarer is the grace of the moment in which he finds himself. That too comes through Mary. We pray for it daily and many times each day when we say ‘Pray for us sinner, now and at the hour of our death’. By the word ‘now’ we ask for the grace required to fulfil the duty of the present moment, to practise this or that virtue asked of us here and now. Even if we do not ourselves realise what grace we need, Mary in heaven does, and it is through her intercession that we obtain it. The succession of graces of the moment, varying from one moment to the next, is like a spiritual atmosphere which we inhale and which renews our souls as air does the blood.
“Mary’s mediation is therefore truly universal: such is the teaching of the Tradition. It extends to the whole work of our salvation, without being limited to graces of any particular kind. On this point, there is moral unanimity of the Father and Doctors of the Church, and of the faithful whose belief is expressed in the liturgy,” The Mother of the Saviour, pg. 215.

“Mary’s mediation in no way obscures that of Jesus. Her mediation is but a share in His: her merits have been acquired under His influence, and it is He Who confers on her the dignity of being a cause in the order of salvation and sanctification,” ibid, pg.222.

St. Bonaventure is simply expressing the common teaching of the Church reflected in sections 967-970 of Catechism where Mary is spoken of as our 'Mother in the order of grace".

Maybe it is the effects of “Jesus and me” Protestantism on the lives of individual Catholics but Catholics have gotten away from the idea of shared suffering and shared redemption. Catholics seem to forget that we are one body and that our salvation is not achieved in a vaccume, nor is our damnation.

Our suffering can be redemptive for ourselves and other members of Christ’s body. Likewise, any grace we merit by our perseverance and endurance to faithfullness in the face temptation can be applied to the entirety of the Christ’s Body. As the preeminent and sinless member of Christ’s body chosen to hold God in her womb, Mary has earned infinitely more grace for her son’s body than any of us. As the one who God chose to bring Christ’s body into the world, as the Mother of the Savior, Mary naturally mediates the application of all grace earned by her and all other members of Christ’s body to her Son’s Body, which is the Church.

As pointed out in the excellent quotes posted by JM3, Jesus justified us, but he grants favors (graces) through his Mother Mary as the preeminent member of His Body. I don’t know why Catholics have a problem with this.


I agree with this completely. It is a very good idea for everyone to have devotion to our Blessed Mother. She is a wonderful gift from God that we would be foolish to ignore. However, saying that it is easier to get to Heaven if you allow Mary to show us the way to her Son and saying that one is required to go through her to reach Heaven are two very different things.

So it looks as if the Lord is looking favorably upon me. I believe The Holy Spirit may have provided me with an answer…
O.k.! Say you LOVE your best friend, but you want nothing to do with his/her mom. I doubt you will be able to enter their house as long as their mom is there.
Well the Same with Jesus, since He is ALWAYS with His mom (The Lord IS WITH HER!) how could you live with Jesus if you want nothing to do with His mother?
In order to live with Jesus in Heaven we MUST accept His Mother for she is always with Him.
The LORD is with Mary! let that sink in. if we do not accept Mary, are we TRULY accepting Jesus for EVERYTHING He is? Gabriel, God’s angel said to Mary “The Lord is With You.” Jesus is with Her!
am I making sense? lol!
In order to be INSIDE your BEST friends house (Jesus), you must be able to accept his mother (Mary). If you can’t, There will be conflict!
Do you want to be in Heaven with Jesus? if yes, then you MUST accept Mary because The Lord is WITH Her.
If you want nothing to do with Mary, are you fully accepting Jesus?

I agree with all of which you wrote. However, I would go back to the point of the original posts in the thread. It is different to state what Jesus Christ may choose to do and what he is required to do. It is different to state what may be better for us to choose and what we are required to do.

If you look at the quote that started this thread it was one that was taken out of context and created a false impression. I followed up with another quote from that same facebook page which had done the same thing. If you want proof that those quotes are being misinterpreted I encourage you to the links above for the facebook page in question where you can read the comments of people who claim to be Catholic but are completely misunderstanding the intent of the quotes. Furthermore, you can look to this thread where you have had someone actually make the claim that Mary is heaven.

My point is this: it is very easy to cherry pick a quote out of context and create the wrong impression both to Catholics who may not be well versed in the Faith and to non-catholics who already think we worship the Blessed Mother anyways. It is prudent and wise to be careful which quotes you select in such a forum and how you present them so as not to create the wrong impression. I find it a bit dangerous to throw terms like “co-redempmtrix” out there in the public when the Church herself has not come to a decision on how to define it. In my opinion, it opens the door wide for misunderstanding both for those within the Church as well as for those outside.

That is all this thread is really about.

God bless you!


Firstly, Christ isn’t required to do anything. On the otherhand things are required of us.

The rest of your post seems to suggest we should water down our faith and traditions for the sake of others.

Would it not be more wise to educate “Catholics who may not be well versed in the Faith and to non-catholics who already think we worship the Blessed Mother anyways.”?

As maternal Mediatrix, Mary presents our desires and petitions to Christ, and transmits the divine gifts to us, interceding continually on our behalf.

  1. The recourse we have to Mary in prayer follows upon the office she continuously fills by the side of the throne of God as Mediatrix of Divine grace; being by worthiness and by merit most acceptable to Him, and, therefore, surpassing in power all the angels and saints in Heaven.


Agreed, that’s why I had concerns about that quote.

The rest of your post seems to suggest we should water down our faith and traditions for the sake of others.

That certainly was not my intent. My meaning was that, so as not to created confusion, the operators of that Facebook page should be cautions when throwing out quotes to over two hundred thousand followers that they are ones which are not easily misunderstood and taken to mean things which they do not. So many things in our faith are about subtle distinction and, when you are not able to provide that, such as on a facebook page where you are just tossing out random quotes, it creates a recipe for misinterpretation. I would never ever suggest watering down our faith. I would merely suggest being thoughtful in our presentation of it.

Would it not be more wise to educate “Catholics who may not be well versed in the Faith and to non-catholics who already think we worship the Blessed Mother anyways.”?

I could not agree with this more than I do. I would love nothing more than for the Church to institute a massive campaign to re-catechize the adult faithful in all of our parishes and as an outreach to non-catholics. For obvious reasons, this is very difficult to do.

If there is a definition of the words Mediatrix, Co-redemptrix, etc, in either of those links I am not seeing it. They use them to be sure, but the Church has not defined them.

:clapping: You said a Hail Mary didn’t you!:clapping::thumbsup:

Perhaps you are seeing the words and not the meaning. :shrug:

The Church teaches the minimum. It is good that you cling to that.


As a point of fact I would point out that no one in this thread has stated anything about not wanting anything to do with Mary. At the very least, I certainly have not.

Secondly, I would point out that your analogy only goes so far. Your best friend and his mom are a nice way to look at this but we have to remember that we are talking about an God the Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth, not Timmy next door who you play baseball with.

We also have to remember that God Himself created Mary to be His vessel and that Mary was chosen by Him. God is all powerful, He could have picked any person in the world to create free from sin. Mary’s gifts, such as they are, flow from God’s love and creation, not from anything intrinsically hers.

Could you please explain what you mean by that?

Bold emphasis mine.

=curlycool89;8133335]I saw this quote on Facebook earlier today.

‎"No one can enter Heaven unless by Mary, as though through a door." - St. Bonaventure

I’d like to hear what people’s thoughts are on that quote.

***It’s clever when something is taken out of context and turned around for there own gain?:***o

Lets be clear on what the inten of the author and the teaching of our Catholic Church is.

**MARY IS NOT THE WAY TO HEAVEN **[see I can do the same thing] :smiley:

*** The backgound issue here is Mary as “Meditrix of ALL GRACES.” What does this actually mean?***

WELL FIRST: WHAT IS DOES NOT MEAN. It does not mean that Mary is the SOURCE of gace; the originator of Grace; or even the one who determies who will be granted grace.

Grace was, is and always shall be a FREE GIFT FROM GOD! And that is the official teaching of the CC because its the simple and only truth!

**the process here is 1. So GRACE comes from God 2. It is God who determines who is to be given grace; the type and the amount as well as the timing 3. It is Mary’s exulted task to actually be the one who distributes these graces.

In that precise sense; Mary then does become the DOOR [that Christ Opens for her], to heaven. But without the flow of Grace, and the directions for its applications from Christ; Mary has a role in this precise issue of salvation’; no different than our own.**

Mary is afforded this opportunity having merited it by her humble and TOTAL obedience to God; never having sinned; never haing denided GOD anything God asked of her, Mary is the MOST perffect human person ever. PERIOD!

So the statements is true BUT INCOMPLETE:

"No body can enter heaven that God does not first grant this previledge; and gives to Mary the authority and mandate to allow there entry into His Divine presence. JESUS UNLOCKS THE DOOR, THAT MARY HOLDS OPEN FOR US:thumbsup:

God Bless,

Best answer! Haha. I believe that the Blessed Mother gave you that!

What do you mean by “naturally”? Do you mean “…get to heaven, naturally” as in naturally=“of course”?

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