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If NR hadn’t jumped on the Covington teens with both feet, for which they still haven’t apologized, I might be inclined to take them a little more seriously.


Agree a lot of Christians and conservatives publications threw these kids under the bus but the opinion is by Ben Shapiro who I respect and actually was actually the keynote speaker at the March. (so his opinion does not necessarily reflect National Review)

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They have apologized for it, almost immediately. The author of that piece personally apologized as well.

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Read the apologies…no where does NR actually apologize to the students they slandered. It was all “I’m sorry if you were offended”…

I mean, I guess, but I’d have to see some definite mean-spiritedness from their writers and staff before I could believe that the people at National Review would apologize for jumping to bad conclusions and not be apologizing for what they said about the students. You are right though I haven’t seen anything that explicitly apologizes to the students directly.

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Meanwhile those of us not rabidly extreme on either side of the spectrum are puzzled but both sides. What happened to live and let live?

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It died around the time the word “phobia” began to mean “agree with my opinions in lockstep, or else you’re stupid, and ugly, and bad bad bad”


I had to drop this here


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By the way, here you go:

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I didn’t realize Ben Shapiro was one of the ones piling on the boys as he was actually the keynote speaker at the D.C. March for Life event. I knew there were some John McCain type conservatives piling on. I’m glad they(NR) apologized. I knew something wasn’t right about the original viral video right away as I have been to my own state’s Right to Life Marches many times, and young people are always respectful and peaceful. Sometimes there are hecklers. I figured there would be a lot of backlash against this Right to Life March with the Women’s March the next day and all the turmoil in the country.
There is an increasing hatred of conservative Christianity, with Catholicism in particular, and in this country anti Catholicism is fairly recent (Early 20th century.) But this time it’s on the Left. It’s only going to get worse in my opinion. Also, many young people are increasingly pro life, and I think the Old guard pro Abortionists feel their so called movement is threatened.
Whoever initially released the edited video deliberately wanted to stir up hatred against Pro-lifers, Christians, and Trump supporters, in my opinion.


Deep down the NR is still anti-Trump. If only the boys hadn’t been wearing MAGA hats.

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HerCrazierHalf . . .

Meanwhile those of us not rabidly extreme on either side of the spectrum are puzzled but both sides. What happened to live and let live?

I will attempt to explain why many think we should not have “live and let live” here after some apologies.

The reason WHY people are so upset is 1-These kids were clearly besmirched by people who just should not have jumped to conclusions so rapidly. The press (which is supposed to be “objective”). 2- Some “conservatives” waded in too quickly. 3 - Some Catholic Christians and non-Catholic Christians who should have been more cautious.

But also 4-There remains a DEEPER dimension that is NOT repented of in these people.

Let me attempt to explain.

OK. Apologies by many of these. (Some more of the leftist idealogues keep insisting guilt in the kids. This in and of itself is instructive. They are basically telling you they are not interested in truth, and tacitly informing you, that you should NOT take them ir their arguments seriously. Their ipse dixit fallacies will prevail over reality [in their minds.] You cannot argue rationally with an irrational person.)

So far live and let live. (For those who apologised).

But there is another aspect to all of this.

If you look at . . . . the great lengths some in the media went to (ignoring journalistic verification standards, not checking with the kids before running “stories”, etc.) . . . it is obvious (to me at least) some in the media were clearly attempting to fool the readers.

You can see a stark example of this here . . .

Why do they DO this sort of thing?
I don’t KNOW why . . . but I will tell you what their ACTIONS suggest to me “why”.

They did this because they are not as “pro-life” as they might tell themselves for their own conscience salve. Or they are outright pro-abortion.

Events like this pro-life march BOTHER people like this because it convicts them of their own SILENCE in the face of horrific murdering of innocent human beings.

So if they can criticize the pro-lifers it reaffirms them (in their minds) in their error. It provides . . .“conscience salve”. It helps fight off cognitive dissonance.

That is the religious dimension.

But there is another dimension. The political.



But there is another dimension. The political.

The kid who was vilified the worst was wearing a MAGA cap.
He’s almost certainly a supporter of President Trump.

So these guys see “Trump” in this kid, so it’s not only OK to be a bully and mean to this child . . .

. . . But it is REQUIRED to bully him (and anyone who supports him)!

And they want to bring on the “flak” as soon as possible for greater intimidation effect.

(The best way to deal with these bullies is to stand up to them.)

And in their proverbial blood-lust they blind themselves to some BASIC steps and facts.

So it becomes for them, a vicious cycle of self-harm.

The upshot of all of this is they want to fool you.
They want to manipulate you.
Anything is OK as long as they can remove Trump from power. That is WHY you will hear utterly ridiculous comments from their “news” people that know better.

One guy last week was saying on air something about how any minute now you expect Trump to go into speaking the Russian language (because Trump is allegedly in bed with Russia).

Everybody KNOWS how utterly ridiculous this is. But in their blindness, they pretend to take this stuff seriously. Or quasi-seriously in principle.

These same people who pretend to pontificate about “election interference” . . . .

. . . actually love it when Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others are now interfering with elections. (Rememer too. These are now for all practical purposes INTERNATIONAL companies. They are no longer AMERICAN companies. Yes “strictly” they are American.)

The NON-live and let live portion has to do with WAAAYYY more than a “quick-draw” false assumption about a high school kid.

And there will be very few apologies coming from many of these guys soon regarding all these other self-induced “issues” that still remain.

It is really all about their anti-sacrament of abortion. And THAT is what the cultural battle here is all about.

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And once again it’s like the extremes of each side spinning closer to what they do best … craft a false dichotomy by warping reality.

My “live and let live” was more towards the initial event and other like it. As in acknowledging that “those guys” have an opposing pov and being civil (on both sides). What I see in this event, the subject of the OP’s article, and public discourse in herbal is that there’s a push towards destroying those you disagree with instead of simply disagreeing and trying to demonstrate why your pov is better.

“Destroy” has been literal with the fact that displaying a MAGA hat in certain places puts you in physical danger or even ppl calling for violence against dissenters.

It’s also taken the form of attempts to destroy livelihoods, such as pressuring a school to reprimand students, pressuring companies to fire non-celebrities, or certain flavors of boycotts.

Yes, the far ends of each side sees the other as a threat to their welfare, and as such the rest of us look on wondering “what happened to you guys?”. So once again, why can’t we all push towards “I’m detest your viewpoint but will stand for your ability to say it without fear of ruin”?


And once again it’s like the extremes of each side spinning closer to what they do best … craft a false dichotomy by warping reality.

But there is no extremes of “each side” here.

There ARE extremes of those guys HerCrazierHalf.

Those people that support abortion either tacitly, or overtly.



You cannot re-define a person as being LESS than a person and have society just accept that.

Sooner or later, nature will reject such non-sense.

That happened with the pro-slavery people in this country.

The pro-slavery crowd said we can RE-DEFINE some people (slaves. Especially black people) as LESS THAN people.

Then it was “ok” to enslave, mistreat, and even kill these innocent people.

They said back then, that the “Abolitionists” were part wrong too.

But the abolitionists were not “part wrong” in their pro-life assertions.


Today we STILL have people attempting to RE-DEFINE other persons (pre-born infants) as LESS than persons.

These people think it “ok” to enslave (we will harvest your body parts), mistreat (no pain meds as we murder you), and even kill these innocent people.

We have pro-Aborts, people who knowingly and willingly think it is OK to do re-define people (again, pre-born babies, as LESS than people), and thus murder these “less-than” people.


There are people who oppose these pro-aborts ideas (people like me and you).

We want abortion to be ILLEGAL. We want pre-meditated murdering of innocent babies ABOLISHED.

We are today’s ABOLITIONISTS.

Just as the pro-life abolitionists won last time (at great cost, “great cost” due to the pro-slavery crowd, not “both sides”) . . .

. . . . today’s pro-life abolitionists in society (people who oppose re-defining people as less than people) will win again.

Nature will demand it sooner or later.


So once again, why can’t we all push towards “I’m detest your viewpoint but will stand for your ability to say it without fear of ruin”?

Ask yourself that about slavery.

There are almost certainly people today who think black people are less than people and should be enslaved, etc.

You do NOT think these people should be given a serious and special-protected public forum.

Not do I.

Now work through your own argument to yourself.

Then when you are done, go back and substitute pre-born killing, instead of black people.

Do this and I think you will answer your own questions.

We do not consider intrinsic evils, nor give such special protection.

If you go through your argument you will see that is exactly where your rhetorical question leads.

I can see it.

I could just tell you why.

But I think it will be stronger for you, if YOU answer your own question here.

Not sure which country you’re talking about, but if it’s the US that is simply not true.

Look up the Know-Nothing Party for starters.

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I meant it was still going on openly until fairly recently I know it’s been going on since the 1600’s, I should have made that more clear.i.e. laws to prevent Catholic immigrants, Know nothing movement of the 1800’s ect.)
I should have said up until the early 20th century or fairly recently there were still those trying to stop Catholic Schools which went to the Supreme Court and even were against JFK’s nomination for President as they thought he would take his orders from the Pope.
I thought that was all until the past until recently.
Now it seems it’s from the left.

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