No one is above criticism

Do you believe the criticism and controversy around mother Teresa are indeed true?

How many threads are there going to be about this?

Why would anyone choose to believe people that only want to discredit a woman that has is now **a saint? **

Go read the other threads instead of dredging up scum again please.

No one is above criticism? Really? You are going to imply that you or others know better than the Catholic Church?

You could be a little nicer when talking to people in the forum. Please pray to the Lord for a softer heart.

No one is above criticism,that’s true, but I don’t believe the criticism about Mother Theresa are true.
For something to be fair criticism,the “criticising” person must first not be coming from anger,biases,misconceptions etc.
They should be objective and have good will and be willing to always search for more information and be humble,open to truth, and willing to admit if they have misconceived or misunderstood something about the life or teachings of the person they find criticism with.
I don’t think the “high profile” persons who have criticised Mother Theresa have come from that place.

Posting history.
It’s real.
Maybe read more before judgment.

It’s very ironic that you think you should be telling me how to talk to anyone. I do not think it is your place to tell me what I should be praying for, thank you very much. But by all means, if you think I need prayer, feel free to pray for me.

But for the record, I said nothing uncharitable to anyone here as you are implying, except to the media that like to drag St. Teresa’s name through the mud.

Mother Theresa spoke out against abortion during her acceptance of her Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. Her outspokenness against abortion was one reason she was criticised.

Mother Theresa was also criticised for her poor homes for the dying.
And for bringing negative press to Calcutta, for its poverty and diminutive value for human life.

My sis was in India during the late 70s /early 80s. She said examples of this were things we in the first world would find hard to take.
ie if a bus crashed over a roadside, those dead and dying would be left unaided. She saw this.
If someone was bitten by a bird spider or rabid monkey ( very common in rural India) , if they were lucky, they got a 3 day journey to a city hospital where there might be help.

Bags of world vision rice were actually being sold off the back of trucks. Those intended recipients had no idea we in the west were sending rice free for them. Yes my sis saw this too, and has photos.

India was a hard place. Mother Theresa was trying to make its plight global in a small way. Authorities were not very impressed.

I will pray for you. Please pray for me too. And let’s both pray for PelagiathePenit.

Hi Pelagia,
The criticisms came out years ago. I,looked into what they were saying and how they worked out, and discovered that the criticisers… had not thought through what they were saying.

One criticism was that St Mother Theresa was setting up places for people to die more comfortably, and one criticiser felt her efforts would have been put to better use had she established hospitals instead. As an atheist, he seems to have wanted to do nothing for those who were dying in favor of helping those who had a chance to live. As far as I know, he himself did nothing to establish hospitals in India…

There were also allegations of financial misuse of funds, but considering what she was doing, it seemed that on the contrary, she was getting greater value for the contributiins than many other organizations.

And finally, that she accepted money from “bad guys.” Hey, if Hillary can do it, why not :wink:

Darn. Why discredit the poor woman for lending a hand? Perhaps holiness makes people feel ashamed of themselves. People want to mar other’s good image.

Good insight, Pelagia. Seeing others behave in a holy fashion causes sinners to want to tear them down to salve their consciences.

Please pray to the Lord for a sharper mind. God bless.

No need for cattiness.

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