No praying, no heaven?


I received an email from Fr John Corapi advertising his new series on prayer. In the email he mentioned this quote.

*St. Alphonsus Liguori, tells us “the man who prays is saved. The man who does not pray is not.” *

Which got me to thinking… I wonder what an evangelical would say about that (other that it wasn’t true)? A saved person prays? If not, they were never saved in the first place? If a person doesn’t pray, they don’t have a personal relationship with God. But isn’t prayer then some form of ‘works’?


You need to understand the position…the Bible says -


What are the implications if someone does not pray at all?? Is that person trusting in the Lord…are they a disciple following their Master? Prayer is the natural outflow of faith and many say that prayer is to the soul as breathing is to the body. Prayer implies - humility and dependence on God.

To make a long posting short - prayer does not save us…BUT…no prayer suggests that the person is not saved at all - they do not have faith…they are okay on their own.


Thanks for your reply.
I liked the saying that prayer is to the soul as breathing is to the body
What if someone was saved and attended a church and prayed for say 5 years, then stopped going to church and stopped praying. Are they still saved? Or never saved in the first place?


So say that a person ‘is saved’, then after several years, stops going to church, stops praying. They were not saved in the first place. A year later, they repent and start their relationship again with the Lord and are saved again. How is this different than the Catholic faith. They are saved by the grace of God through baptism. They turn away from God, are reconciled with God, and are ‘saved’ again. Aren’t we really saying the same thing?


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