No Pro-Life Ad

“NBC has refused to air’s new pro-life ad during its broadcast of this Sunday’s Super Bowl game.”

Yawn… activist groups always get knocked down, from both ends of the spectrum.

I watched the ad and while I’m totally against abortion I thought the ad was absolutely ridiculous. I wasn’t sure what they were trying to say:
Aborting this baby will kill the possibility of an African American being elected?
Even if we despise the man for his pro-abortion stance, we shouldn’t prevent him from living?

What exactly was this ad supposed to be saying?

The ad is pointing out that many of the arguments from the pro-abortion side of the fence of why a woman “needs” to abort her child, don’t outweigh the fact, that even in the face of 100s of obstacles the human spirit can triumph. That is one of many reasons that you don’t want to abort. We don’t know any individual’s potential so should never kill them.

It also points out the irony in that our president who fully supports partial-birth abortion (which can never be justified since the fetus can live outside the mother’s womb) would by the abortion side’s stance a good “abortion candidate” has proved the point that you should never abort because even with odds totally against and individual, they can triumph.

We don’t despise Barack Obama, we resist the evil he supports. The ad shows a woman in a situation in which she might choose abortion. In this particular case, she would have killed, in the womb, the first black president of the U.S. All lives are important, the ad is underscoring the fact that when a child is killed through abortion we destroy whatever benefits they would have contributed to society.

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