No recession

Contrary to what the dems are selling in Denver, and with no one in the media holding them accountable for what they say, here are facts.

Economy grew a respectable 3.3% in the 2nd quarter

Poverty line lower now than in Clinton years

Unemployment numbers lower than Clinton era.

But to hear them say it, we’re sinking fast!

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Darn it man, stop confusing us by offering facts.

Yeh. Good look with that.:wave:

Yep, I ask some naysayers if they feel they are worst off than they
were 7-8yrs ago, most will tell me no, but they no someone who
is! Funny they never tell me who they are.
I do know some people are suffering and things are tough, but on the whole this is not a recession.
Europe would like to have our unemployment rate, too. The way
I’ve heard it explained is that “almost anyone who wants a job can
get one”.

I did notice in 2000 when we did have a bad recession the MSM was silent. I think we know why but we can’t talk about that on these boards. I work in a print outfit in the art dept we do advertising and our numbers were terrible in 2000.

From people reading my posts on these boards they pretty much know I’m conservative in Catholicism and politically.

Now by me saying that there is something going on out there because our numbers are down this year not as bad as 2000 but there down and we really won’t know until the last quarter.

Of course, the economy looks different if you are one of the unemployed. When I first moved to the city where I now live, I knew people who had a job 20 minutes after losing the one they had. I had never lived any place where it was so easy to find work. At the minimum wage level, individuals were quitting one $6/hour job for a job that paid $6.25. If they found a job for $6.50, they again quit in order to take that higher paying hob.
That was then and this is now. For the last several years. that has not been the case. Unemployment statistics do not count those who have been out of work for more than 6 months and are no longer eligible for unemployment compensation. People who would never have considered food banks in the past are now using them and shelves are low because fewer people have the extra money necessary to contribute to these organizations that help people who are struggling.
I think it is against Forum rules to try to pit Democrat against Republican. I am neither. The reality is that despite what the statistics might say, there are many Americans who continue to struggle on a daily basis. They use services like Joblink which teach networking and help connect job seekers with education opportunities to help develop skills while looking for work.
Yes, I am one of those people who has been out of work for months. My resume is posted on the internet allowing me to search nationally for a job in my field.

This is untrue. The unemployment rate is determined by a survey by the Department of Labor, not by unemployment compensation records.

This link has unemployment rates by state.

How rates are

As has been pointed out, this isn’t quite true. First, one is not necessarily ineligible for unemployment after 6 months (at least not in Texas). Second, the government just doesn’t count people on unemployment to determine the unemployment rate.

The first link shows that many state unemployment rates are about as low as can be expected. The second only further reinforces the point that unemployment rates are calculated by the government counting people receiving unemployment benefits.

– Mark L. Chance.

Where I live, a person is not eligible for unemployment after 6 months. I have been out of work much longer than that. The point I was making in my first post was less about how unemployment is calculated and more about the reality that people without work still face. Unemployment is the lowest in the Dakotas at 2%, but over 8% in Michigan.
As the article on how unemployment is calculated also points out, there is more to the economic situation than unemployment rate. One person that I know had to close his restaurant because of rising costs, including flour. I noticed the increase in the price of a basic like rice the last time I went to the store.
I do not live in one of those places where speculation in the real estate market reached a fever pitch. I do not see foreclosure signs, but I do see homes staying on the market longer than in the past.
Regardless of how the unemployment is calculated, there are still people who are not included. The unemployment rate counts those who are actively seeking work. Those who receive unemployment compensation are counted in the calculation. They have to prove they are seeking employment in order to seek that compensation.
No matter how great the economy may look on the surface, there are people who are struggling. It is important that we not overlook those people. These people are easy to overlook until we become one of them. As long as there are homeless families, there is work that needs to be done.
Isn’t Texas in the midst of a boom currently because of the cost of oil and the search for new resources? There was an expose several months ago regarding Detroit factory workers who moved to Wyoming to work in the oil fields there.

When there is no growth in the national products is when it is
a recession. When national media, keep calling it a recession,
people start calling it one and that is not so.
Since the unemployment rate is an average, yes places like
Michigan and especially Detroit are at the high end of it. I know
a few people who kept lousy jobs in Detroit just until they found
employment outside of Michigan.
Texas’s high employment rate has been going on a few years and
has a lot to do with our tax scruture, our ability to reach out to new businesses, limits on liability settlements (hence 40,000
plus new doctors have been applying each year to practice here)
and other favorable business. It’s not perfect, some of our fees
have increased, but overall it’s in good shape. El Paso has a
higher unemployment rate that other cities in Texas, but it is
still much lower than than it’s average.
Definitely our oil businesses are booming, but we’ve paid the
price when they weren’t. Small companies are uncapping
wells that they had to shut down years ago. Many people
went under.
The sale of houses also depends on getting a mortgage and even
people with good credit have had to wait longer for approval, the
companies are much stricter than they were. I know a couple
of families who qualified a few years ago with an adjustable
mortgage. Luckily, they realized the pitfalls of it and instead
of buying new furniture, etc for their new home, they saved every
penny they could and two years later “converted” to a flat rate
mortgage. If they had not done so, they would have been among
the foreclosed.
Some in our family were out of work for over a year. In the one
case, the spouse went to work (at lesser pay but enough with
their savings and frugality) the other did contract jobs and also
used savings. None would accept much from others, but gifts
of clothes, friends getting together to fix major repair work that
would have been very expensive, etc. helped them out.
Needless to say prayers throughout and networking finally paid
off and both are in jobs today. One is a temp, but looks good
for the exposure to good companies in his field, the other is a
job, that pays less but gives him less travel time and more family
time, so they are happy.
Do I know others are in the same bind? Absolutely! I just don’t
like the pessimism that is encouraged day in and day out in the
media. I avoid listening to it, because it discourages me. (I’m
in sales and , blessedly, I offer services people need whenever.
I may do better at other times, but I can always find someone
who needs what services I offer. Let’s just say some of the
commission I get is sometimes that I was able to help with
information and got satisfaction from it.)

You make some good points. I know that the oil business follows a boom/bust cycle. Nobody makes it by themselves. When we have the ability we can help those who do not.
That does not overlook our own efforts. That means accepting temporary work when available. I call on Fridays to keep my name on the list. A reduction in force means that even a good job may be gone.
My father, when we lived in WA, commented on those who counted on overtime pay rather than saving it for bust times. Frugality pays off in the long run. I graduated from high school when a Boeing layoff (100,000 men) meant 5 to 7 other people also lost their jobs. The backyard of my parents’ home was a garden. They were giving away tomatoes to our neighbors even the price skyrocketed in the grocery store.
I watched when I lived in CA while people speculated on houses, raising the prices so that people who were looking for homes to live in were priced out of the market.
It is not all about government. It is about what we do to help ourselves and each other.

This is so true! Like I posted before the national media was silent in 2000.

No one has denied that reality. What has been adequately demonstrated is that unemployment stats are not compiled by counting people drawing benefits; therefore, it is not accurate to say people unemployed longer than X number of months aren’t counted.

No one has said otherwise.

That’s true of any census.

Among others.

True, but not relevant to the topic of the Democratic Party basically lying about how bad the U.S. economy is doing.

Nobody has suggested we overlook them.

Could be. I don’t pay much attention to it since the oil business has little impact on my line of work.

– Mark L. Chance.

The mainstream media is not much more than an extension of the DNC.

The media isn’t that left-wing, sometimes it has immense right wing bias as evidenced by this site:

You must have been looking at a different day. I just looked and it sure does not look “right wing” to me.

You use one of the most LEFTIST organizations in the US to try to show a rightwing media bias? I thought you were more intelligent than that. Every FAIR assessment of the MainStream Media shows a left bias.

If one was for population reduction, predicted “Olduvai redux”, propounded socialist remedies for everything, I suppose it would seem so.

All true. People keep talking about a recession - there may be one brewing, but the fact is there is a very precise definition for recession - 2 consecutive quarters of declining GDP. If you don’t have that, you don’t have a recession…

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