No record of Jesus asking for the NT to be written

By what authority do you make that claim?

when Jesus, quoting a passage from the Hebrew Scriptures : starts the quote by saying “the LORD says…”

how much greater authority is needed than that?

Certainly an interesting discussion can develop about when the Holy Spirit was given, but that’s not my point and it’s not for this thread. It’s the fact that the Holy Spirit came to men before the books were written. Thanks!

Let me try and make the point more clearly.

You indicated that you have a way to determine the OT canon by using the words of Christ. What I mean is this:

  1. Are you not relying on a tradition of Christians who came before you who have done this? In other words: if no Christian had come before you and already done what you are doing, wouldn’t it be much harder to make the argument you are making?

  2. Would you know that Jesus was quoting from the OT apart from somebody else pointing it out? Are you that fluent with the OT to be able to verify that Christ was drawing upon it?

  3. Do you believe that you are responsible for establishing the canon?

Do you see the difficulty? You have made an argument based on your own authority, yet you are actually relying on others who came before you.

Had you replied with, “Saint X (or Church Father Y) said bla bla bla,” then I would have thought, “OK, he understands that he is not relying on his own authority to establish the canon.” But you didn’t do that. Which is why I asked those questions.

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