No Secular Franciscans in Wyoming?


I was invited into the 3rd Franciscans when I was 16, and learned it’s called the Secular Franciscans in Catholicism. Now, I heard there is no order in Wyoming. Does that stop me from trying to join?


Check the following website:

Click on the Regional Fraternities on the left side of the Home Page. Go to Region #72, there are two Fraternities in Wyoming. They are Saint Maximillian Kolbe & Joyful Good News (nfg).


And sometimes you may have to drive a bit. We’re an hour & 15 minutes (in good weather) from our fraternity. Which means we can’t be as involved as we’d like, but we still serve on the council & make it to our monthly gatherings.


Thanks tawny! I never saw that link, lol. Very big thanks!


You’re welcome.


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