No sign of peace?


Just wondering. I attended Mass this Wednesday at an Opus Dei chapel this week. I have attended Mass there before a few times.

After the Our Father and before Lamb of God, I’m used to having the sign of peace. That instance didn’t have any, which I immediately noticed.

What are the instances when the Sign of Peace is omitted?


The sign of peace is optional and present or omitted at the discretion of the celebrant.


I see, thanks for the reply. I had no idea it’s optional, since this is the first time I’ve ever been at a Mass with no sign of peace.


Look at your Missal… it will usually say something like “If appropriate, the priest or deacon will now direct the sign of peace.”


What is an Opus Dei chapel? Is there a list of such chapels?


The chapel is under the care of OD. All the priests who say mass or hear confession there are affiliated with OD.


It is optional at any Mass.


You are very blessed to have such a chapel!!


It’s a little disconcerting at first, but I think you will grow to appreciate not having it. The Mass flows much better without intermission!


When I was a student, there was an elderly priest who was retired, but said daily Mass.

He always skipped the sign of peace, and launched very quickly from the Our Father to the Lamb of God, so that no one who was unfamiliar with his habits would have time to start shuffling around to start hugging and shaking hands. :slight_smile:


From what I understand the sign of peace is not necessary in the mass.


Thanks for the reply - - is there a list of such chapels? Is it publicly known in some way, if a church is affiliated with OD?


In other Catholic rites, it’s done before the Offertory- if it has to exist at all, I’d say it would fit much better there.


I shall give you the Nod of Peace


Yes, it is optional for the priest. When the priest opts to include it, it is mandatory for the rest of us,


That would be an even bigger departure from its traditional location in the Roman Rite, which is after the Agnus Dei (not sandwiched in between the Lord’s Prayer and the Agnus Dei as it currently is in the Ordinary Form). I personally think it’s location somewhere after the Offertory is more congruent with the scriptural imperative in Matthew 5:23-24, where Jesus says if we should remember a grievance against a brother while offering our gift at the altar, to leave it there, reconcile with our brother, then return and recommence the offering.


Yes, but at that point Our Lord is on the altar, and while I get the general gist, I think that our focus can go from the altar to saying 'Hi" to every Tom, Dick, and Harry at that point, when, IMO, it should be on the altar…


I can dig it, which is why I said “sometime after the offertory”. Maybe before or after the Lavabo, Orate Fratres, Preface, or Sanctus would be appropriate? I just personally think placing it before the actual Offertory (i.e. as a true “intermission” between the Liturgy of the Word/Mass of the Catechumens and the Liturgy of the Eucharist/Mass of the Faithful) is less worthwhile than sometime after the Consecration.

But that’s just one man’s Monday morning quarterbacking. :slight_smile:


In my opinion the sign of peace is distracting. Most of the time it goes over and takes away from the Agnus Dei which is one of my favorite parts of the mass because I meditate on the awefullness of all my sins.


The Sign of Peace is optional for the laity. The celebrant may skip that part. Personally, I know a priest who skips it on Sundays too.

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