No Sodium Products for Family Member


My grandma has been having serious blood pressure/heart problems lately and sodium seems to be a big part of the problem. BTW, this isn’t the grandma that was ill and we went to visit over the summer, its one that I grew up living down the street from. She has to go to a restricted sodium diet and I was wanting to send her a care package with no sodium products, but aside from Mrs. Dash, I am drawing a blank. Are any of you familiar with any seasoning products, or any other products (cereals, goodies, anything…) that don’t have sodium that taste ok that I can send her? She can’t have much sugar either, so thats another thing I need to keep in mind. I might also try to send her something to help her relax, since stress is a factor in all of this.


be very careful and find out what she is allowed to have, she probably got a list from her doctor, see of those caring for you can give you this list

for instance, if she is taking potassium or on a blood pressure pill that is potassium sparing, she may not be able to eat products sold under the “low sodium” label which contain potassium. (that is my situation). Most food processors market “low sodium” foods but that will not help you unless you know if she can have them.

natural foods unprocessed as close to their state in nature are the best foundation for a low sodium diet. most processed foods by definition are too high in sodium because salt is a preservative.

also bear in mind many “low sugar” products have added fat (and sometimes a lot of sodium), and many “low fat” products have added sugars.


Unprocessed foods. Fresh fruit and veggies. I’m supposed to be on a low sodium diet and it is very hard to buy any packaged food. Even ones marked lower sodium usually have a 25% of your sodium for the day.

It’s not very convient let me tell you. It must be twice as hard for an elderly person who may not feel like cooking from “scratch” every day.:frowning:


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