No such thing as the perfect woman


I’ve accepted the fact that there’s no such thing as the perfect woman.


Even Mary? Hahaha, guess it depends on what exactly you mean by describing a woman as perfect.


But they’re all as perfect as you or I… :wink:

God bless the women.


well there’s a news flash

I’ve just celebrated by 38th wedding anniversary and I am here to tell you there are no perfect men, either.


Sorry, there was one, but I married her!:smiley:




With the Blessed Virgin I’ll make the exception. But other than that forget it. Of the ones I’ve met so far, the really devout ones are non-denominational Christians, and the Catholic ones are either lukewarm or don’t go to Church that’s my experience.


Maybe it’s your location? Perhaps if you lived in PA…
But my goodness, the Men here!!!


There are many catholics here, but most of them live like sanctimonous pagans.


Maybe you should find one of the good Protestant ones and convert her. That’s what my husband did for me! :slight_smile:

Keeping in mind, of course, not to get too involved/attached if she’s absolutely not open to converting.


Oh, that was meant tongue in cheek, like as if to say I know of a faithful Catholic woman in PA(meaning myself:) ) and I’m not very impressed with the Catholic men around here. Actually, I think it’s a worldwide problem, people being fooled by popular opinion into thinking "anything goes, as long as I treat people well and am a nice person, everything else doesn’t really matter.:frowning:


Hey, that’s how I got in here also!! :wink:

Pax Vobiscum


Don’t worry about finding the perfect woman.

concentrate on being the perfect man.

then you’ll see through faults and find perfection isn’t what you think it is.


I dunno I’d say that Mary and Joseph probably got into it a few times. That’s marriage. Maybe Mary couldn’t cook or sew a stictch to save her life, perhaps she snored… She may be morally perfect, but I suspect there were some aspects that at the very least had annoyed Joseph. I also think she’d probably be the first to admit she had some flaws. I think anyone who is holy and generally a good person, will readily admit they aren’t perfect.


Most Catholic women I find are not even religious. Which is disturbing. What’s wrong with Catholics these days.


I think anyone who is holy and generally a good person, will readily admit they aren’t perfect.

True. You’ll also find plenty of not-so-holy people eager to admit they aren’t ‘perfect’–more as a preemptive strike, if you will, or to offer an ‘excuse’ for bad behavior, or to condemn others. . .

Personally, I can’t picture Mary as being ‘flawed’. Distinctive, yes. But any ‘flaw’ that might have been noted (a bitter person might think her too ‘goody-goody’, a lazy person might think her ‘obsessive’, for example) I think relates more to the perception of the other person.

Snoring, for example, is not a flaw–it’s a medical condition (and I won’t go into all the details or the multifactorial reasons for snoring). But it isn’t a ‘personal flaw’. It isn’t a ‘lack’ of something, or something the person ‘chose’. One might as well call a long nose a flaw, or brown hair, or large ears flaws.

Annoyance is a choice, not something we cannot ‘help’. I think that the Holy Family, if they were ever faced with the choice of being annoyed by some one or some thing, made the choice NOT to be annoyed. But others may, of course, disagree.



Just like many of us have accepted the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect man:D


Most Catholic women I find are not even religious. Which is disturbing. What’s wrong with Catholics these days.

Meh, well at least now you’ve opened it up to the men too, bones. . .:smiley:

What a shame I’m not 15 years younger. Or that you aren’t 15 years older. Course, I hate to tell you but back in the day when I was a teen/young adult, and disco ruled the earth, most of the Catholic men and women I knew weren’t religious–to my ‘perception’ of religious which was and is very traditional.

Surprisingly, a lot of them ‘found’ religion in the ensuing years, athough many were rather choosey and only took on what they liked, discarding the rest; and a lot of those who really ‘had’ seemed religious lost that religion or freely forsook it.

There are a lot of St. Augustines out there who haven’t yet converted. (I can’t imagine him looking like a faithful Catholic in his young days!) Likewise there are Magdalenes who have not yet converted. And of course there are lots of those ‘lukewarm’ Catholics who will, given the spark, burn away their former sins in the flame of love of Christ.

So don’t give up. Jeepers, I haven’t. . .But I’m not looking for ‘the perfect Catholic man’ anymore either. I’m looking for the Christ in all I meet. Whatever God wills for me is what He wills.


Excuse me. My wife is the perfect woman. :smiley:

When you meet yours (assuming youa re not married) she will be the perfect woman too. There will never be a nother woman more perfect for you than your wife. Lover her like Christ loves the Church and gave himself for her and she will be the prefect wife - as much as you are the perfect husband.


Hmmm, Delphos, OH, I used to live down RT-30 from you. You need to move…almost all of the religious people in Central OH are fundamentalist, but if you move to a more Catholic area, like Minnesota or California or Texas or the east coast, more of the religious people that you meet will be Catholic…I moved and things got much better…


you forgot Mary Poppins.:thumbsup:

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