No sure what God wants for me anymore

I was always sure it was my vocation to serve, to have a family and be married. My temperment seems to run that way as well. I know I’m not all suited to the religious life. I did consider that at one point but I don’t feel it’s for me. So here I am in my late 30 no husband, no way to serve and barely getting by. I feel like God has left me out in the cold. I have tried to serve but every route I’ve taken has thrown me back to the same position I’m in now. I don’t know what God wants out of me anymore. As far as the marriage well for the most part guys don’t show any interest in my. The ones that do are usually players, commitment phobics or just pain weird and even those are few and far between. I feel like God is dangling this thread in front of me…saying see what you could have then saying sorry you’re out of luck. So what’s the deal why hasn’t Mr. Right shown up.

I feel for you. Although I have been married for many years, I do remember how it felt to be alone. It is possible that God is calling you to a different vocation other than marriage or religious life. It is possible that he is calling you to be an example of chaste single life.

Even though you are not married with children, there are plenty of ways to serve the Church and your parish. You could be an extrordinary minister of Holy Communion, a lector, an RCIA sponsor, a catechist for children’s religion classes. You could join a bible study. Our area has a catholic singles group, also. Focus on growing your relationship with God and he will show you what he wills for you.

Hey be patient! I’m in my mid-forties, and engaged to the love of my life. Some things are worth waiting for. But also, if you are looking for Mr. Right, where are you looking? My fiance and I both dance, we are both blood donors, both very spiritual, etc. Lots of common interests. Look in places where you would want be sharing things - clubs, volunteer activites, etc. Those are good places to start.

And don’t give up hope. I’m sure things will turn out great for you, whatever God leads you to.

God bless you, Sierrah! May He grant you peace and the security of knowing His great love for you. You are not forgotten!

God’s ways are not our ways. Take comfort that He will give you everything you need to follow His plan for you. Offer Him the pain you are going through - that is service always acceptable to Him. Some of us are called to serve in hidden ways. We are all called to serve.

My husband and I always believed that we were called to serve God through having a large family. We are in our 20s, married five years - and we find we are infertile. I’m not sure what God’s plan for us is. Perhaps He designs us to provide foster care to children who need parents. Perhaps we will be able to adopt children who need a family. I am confident that God will grant us the grace to fulfill His plan for us, though it wasn’t the one I had in mind!

When God took me abruptly out of a ministry I loved, I was in the same boat. I wasn’t sure what He wanted from me, or how I was to serve Him.

What worked for me was going to the early morning Daily Mass (6:45am) and spending at least an hour at the church afterwards in prayer and adoration. What He wants of you will become clear, if you spend the time with Him. Mind you, it took more than a year of this for me to find a new ministry or rather - it found me. So, be patient. Time spent with Him is never wasted.

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