No two people have the same exact belief

even if they are of the same denomination.

I agree with that.

Do you think it’s the spritual relationship we each personally have with God? I attribute it to that…I may agree just as others do with the Church’s standpoints, but each topic may mean more or less to me because of my understanding or relationship with God.

God is all good, all love…I may tend to focus on certain areas of his good and love because it is important to me, personally…while others may focus on other areas because it is more important to them.

That’s how I relate to it.

exactly. we all have unique life experiences
and look at the world accordingly.

what you gain from the bible might be totally different
from what i do. a baptist theologian from new york
might have a totally different understanding than a
baptist from the bible belt south living in a trailer.

a caucasian catholic will probably understand things
in a different frame of mind than a chinese or african american.

a christian with a gay son might have different
ideas about homosexuality and religion than
someone who doesn’t.

even you and your parents, even though you live
in the same household and goto the same church,
will not see everything eye to eye about religion.

Yes, because each person is unique. We each have a unique place in the relationship with God. That does not mean there is no truth or that they are all contradictory. It only means that we all have a perspective. Each person is unique and can not be replaced. God reveals Himself to us if we are open to His revelation. Sometimes it is difficult to be open to it.

Each person is called to be a part of the Church. They are called to accept the truth. The fact that each person has their own perspective on the truth only means that it would be better if all men would become Christian and more specifically orthodox Catholic that the Church may be even more Catholic in that it embraces all.

Uh… yeah…? What’s the point of this thread? I don’t get it.

try again.

I’m sorry… It’s just that you made a one-sentence statement, and I didn’t know what you were trying to get at.

I totally agree. We all grew up independent fundamentalists (My dad stayed fundamentalist) my mom goes to the same church as my dad but leans Lutheran; my sis’ became Amish at 16 and moved to Pennsylvania, my brother’s Wesleyan, and I became Anglican (And now RCIA to Catholic!)

The odd thing is: My sister and I agreed on more points than my dad and I! I found that wierd. Anabaptism and Catholicism (Whether Anglican, Orthodox, or Catholic) seem lightyears apart for me.

my point exactly. who’s to say which
is right or wrong, or wich is truth or not?
one shirt does not fit all.

The point WindyHair was trying to make was that there is no truth. Truth is just a perception of our minds. I reject this proposition in every way.

The OP is actually correct. But not in the way that they think.

jimmy, what if truth is playdough
that can take many shapes and forms?

just because you believe in your shape
does not mean that other shapes cannot exist.

what’s OP?

“original poster” (also can mean “original post”)


I believe that God is truth and since God is unchangable then truth is unchangable, even by God. God and truth are absolutely equivalent terms.

If truth were maleable like playdough then it wouldn’t be truth at all. God either exists or He doesn’t. You can’t say both at the same time. If God ceases to exist or begins to exist at some point in time or changes as your playdough then there is no use believing in Him because He isn’t God.

as a mere human being, i don’t assume to
know God. i hope that he exists, and that
is good enough for me.

but even if he doesn’t, I exist.
and there are things i’d like to do
before i die, like leaving the world
a little bit better. i don’t need a book
to tell me this.

I don’t assume to know God either, but I am learning. God can reveal Himself to us.

As a mere human being to whom God has deigned to share His truth through Holy Mother Church, I am certain in my faith, know that He exists, and seek greater understanding each day.

jimmy, what if truth is playdough
that can take many shapes and forms?

Impossible. We know through elementary logic that the statement “a and not-a” is a logical contradiction. Therefore if one claim is true, that precludes the possibility of its negation being true. Thus, whatever “take many shapes and forms” is supposed to mean, if it is a claim that opposite claims can be true at the same time, then it is incorrect. Such is the error of relativism.

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