No valid ordinations since 1968?

Let me just say that I do know about the traditionalist groups that say “no Pope since 1958” but today, believe it or not, I came across a group that states that Pope Paul VI changed priestly ordinations in 1968 and no bishop or priest’s ordination is truly valid. I even read the story of Father Michael Oswalt in the Diocese of Rockford.

I shouldn’t be worried but it just unnerved me. Hate to think that all of my sins I’ve ever confessed were NOT absolved.

I wouldn’t worry about what these groups say. They are too extreme and are not in line with the Church itself.

Thanks. Really got to me for some reason. Of course, worrying about sin is a good sign. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about it.

This was an interesting question back in the 1500s when Martin Luther was posting his questioning of the church.

If a Priest says you are forgiven, as long as you have the three required things for a confession (sincerity, sorrow and penance) then no matter what the priest has done, is doing or whatever, you are forgiven. Jesus tells us that he is in the confessional with us…so don’t worry, and remember another famous Saint, St John Bosco who tells us that anyone that writes poorly about the Pope is not to be listened to. Combine that with St. Gertrude (I’m 99% sure it was her) who tells us that Christ desires our obedience to authority more than anything, and you have a very strong argument against those who oppose or question the Church and the Pope.

Oh and those Saints were from the 1800s and 1200s respectively so they came before the supposed 1958 cut off!!!(lol)…

These people lack faith. They do not believe that the Church is protected by the Holy Spirit. They do not believe in the popes authority.

Frankly they are as protestant as any protestant group. They rely on their own understanding and personal preferences as opposed to the authority of those to whom authority is entrusted.


I read this when I was converting and it concerned me too. But if you really stop and think about it, it takes a real lack of faith to believe this, doesn’t it? Would our Lord leave us high and dry that way? Never!

There have been no valid ordinations since… right now! All because Pope Francis didn’t promote St. Joseph the Worker enough yesterday!

You should not be worried or unnerved. The people who say things like this set themselves up as judges not only of the Successor of Peter but they assert that they know more about theology and sacraments than the successors to the apostles, diffused throughout the world.

I was ordained after the revisions to the rites of ordination – and I have absolutely no concern. Not only was I not ordained using the pre-conciliar rites…those were not the rites used by the Churches of the East, who have valid orders. The rites used in the 1950s were not those used in the Church’s early centuries either.

Such mindsets as were presented to you are foolishness. Such people are to be pitied and prayed for. They would reduce the rites of the sacraments to a type of magical incantation. That is very poor sacramental theology indeed.


There will always be people who make ridiculous claims. Don’t let it steal your peace.

If there were no valid ordinations since 1968, that would mean there are very few valid priests and bishops left. Within 20 years, there would be none. No priesthood. No way to ever get it back. The gates of hell would have prevailed against the Church. Just what Jesus promised would not happen.

I’m from the Diocese of Rockford and don’t know what you are talking about.

Judging by the length of that letter and the research which evidently preceded it, IMHO he must have had way too much time on his hands. also wonder if, as he claims all post VII ordinations were invalid (including his own) whether he was (or plans to be) “re-ordained” and also what he plans on doing about all of the sacraments which he apparently invalidly administered prior to his epiphany!

If the change was done by a Pope then there is no issue as he is the supreme legislator of the Church.

Viva Cristo Rey!!
Deacon Harbey

I couldn’t have put it better. :slight_smile:

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