No vocation: Feeling worthless

Hi, I know I’m still pretty new to the faith (received into the church 2013) but I feel like I have no vocation and feel very sad about it. I’m a single woman in my 20’s.
I’m not exactly enthusiastic about marriage and lack any desire in that area so I don’t think that’s for me but unless I receive a miracle I’m not sure if I could enter Religious life because of a skin condition that I need expensive prescription medication to treat. As far as I know, any medical conditions that require an expense exclude a person from Religious Life.
I feel like my vocation is to suffer. I would live this as a form of ‘redemptive suffering’ if it is the will of God but I feel like I have no true purpose and am looking forward to death.
What should I do?
Please pray Jesus doesn’t abandon me

let’s not worry about the vocation just yet. concentrate on building your faith, and working or studying to support yourself.

there is such a thing as the dark night of the soul, where the soul feels abandoned. st paul of the cross experienced this for 50 years. it is god’s way of increasing the soul’s faith.

is this form of depression persistent for six months or more? perhaps actual medical intervention is needed.

jesus will not ever abandon you. look to the tabernacle. or better yet, try this link and talk to him about it:

sorry about the all-smalls. responding via mobile.


I will try to focus on what I’m doing now.
No I do not have depression just feel worthless in the sense of lacking a vocation.
Thank you Cloisters.

  • Gemma

also, seek out spiritual direction. that was the other thing i was going to recommend.

we all have a vocation. be a good catholic christian first, and a holy student or employee, and the rest will follow. this is a trust walk.


You are a child of God. He will never abandon you. He never leaves us. Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance, direction, strength, wisdom & fortitude in your time of need. Praying for your intentions.

LIke you, I was waiting for some grand all encompassing plan for my life that would all of a sudden come down to me from God. Years later, I have learned from life circumstances that all God wants of us is to trust Him today and to take it one day at a time. The past is gone, the future is yet to be so all we have left to meet God is today.

Think about it. Living with God today is preparation for living with Him in heaven. We will be outside of time in the next life so there will be no yesterday or tomorrow just today.

You may not have a religious vocation. Maybe you are being called to marriage and maybe your skin condition inhibits you from considering that. Get a medical check up and tell the doctor about your feelings re. your skin condition and lack of interest in a relationship.

We all have a simple vocation which is to show others Christ within us. This could be simple acts of love, smiling at people, praying for people, helping with the poor in soup kitchens, church functions, volunteer work, right to life, helping the elderly in your area etc. There are all kinds of ways to have a vocation not just in a religious order or family life, be creative and do it for the love of God, and he will bless the work, no matter what it is. Love of God and love of neighbor, that’s a vocation.

Sorry to hear you’re feeling sad about your vocation issues. May God reveal his vocation to you in his time and grant you patience to wait until that time comes. In the mean time God is using you in his Kingdom for his Glory in ways you may never know. Rest assured there is a purpose and has been albeit it may not seem as such.

God bless you and may your feelings of abandonment be washed away in the love of God.


The fundamental vocation - the reality of ones baptism -of being a Christian -is if greatest importance! Even the vocation of consecrated life is build up such. To be in - and live in Christ! (read to the end)

(PS: Even if your called to be a lay person (I do not know -just noting it) that such too is a vocation too.)

Thank you everyone.

Praying for you Gemma, asking God to help you find the place He has chosen for you on this earth. Have patience and listen hard!


REMEMBER, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly to thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother; to thee do I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

People make WAY too many assumptions about what it takes to enter religious life without ever talking to anyone. Unless you are dying of a terminal illness, you should be looking into a religious order if you believe that is what God is calling you to do. Many people have medical disorders and costs.

I think your self-esteem may be the bigger issue here.

My dear, religious life and marriage are not the only vocations a woman can have. There is also the Single life and consecrated virginity. I know someone personally whose vocation is Single life. She is one of the campus ministers at my church on campus at my university that I attend.

Blessed child of God, be not afraid for the Lord, the angels, and all the saints are with you, and never forget the love of Our Blessed Mother, who like her Son, never abandons those in her care.

We all have a vocation but it is up to us to listen and ask God what it is and for patience for the answer. He always answers our prayers.

God Bless.

I believe the Missionaries of Charity have a third order lay apostle. The purpose of the apostolate is for sick to offer their sufferings for the work of the religious order.

You can also inquire into Secular Institutes-some of them are formed specifically for sick people. You are consecrated and make vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. You do not live in a community and are financially responsible for yourself. You do promote the charism of the order. Go to Google and do a search on secular institutes.

Oh Gemma, don’t feel sad,not everyone is called to a religious vocation.You are new to the faith.Work on building a good relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
There are people who are not religious but belong to secular institutes.
Also some of the saints who were married also were third order secular members of the Franciscans ,Dominicans,benedictines,etc. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you. I would concentrate more on schooling if you are going to college,etc.right now.Not everyone is called to the religious life.I once wanted to be a nun,but my mother got sick and later on so did my father,and i took care of both of them.Oh my brother and sister helped too,but they had their own lives to lead. I never married or entered the convent.But maybe God thought it was more important I take care of them.
Sorry about your medical problem,but maybe there is something the doctors can do to heal it permanetly.

Only God knows, I suppose, what your personal vocation is right now.

But I do know that the vocation to suffer is one of the very highest ones a person can be called to in this life.

If you doubt me, just take a look at the nearest crucifix. Who do you see? And what is he doiing?

Our human nature rebels at suffering and tells us it’s pointless and wrong, but our spiritual nature…

That is where our focus must be.



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