No way to quote a previous post in a reply

Type here. Use Markdown, BB Code, etc

The above is all that appears in a Reply typing box.

Plus, the screen jumps around constantly, but doesn’t do it with other sites. I’m using an iPhone, as I have no computer access. Sometimes it jumps so fast that I can’t tell whether I should scroll up or down to find my place. It also jerks while trying to type a reply, but not nearly as badly as when I’m trying to read.

The site has become almost impossible to use.


I have an older iPhone and I can’t clear the first pop-up

the selections are off-screen, I can pinch-zoom to see it but can’t activate it

maybe, your issue is similar, is it off-screen?

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No, mine are all within the normal margins, but sometimes it whizzes backward and forward several times in a row until I lose track whether I should scroll up or down in order to find my place. I can’t prove it, of course, but the print seems smaller, also.

The first ad that I see goes all the way across the top, and, although it’s usually difficult to see, there’s a tab sticking down on the far left. Tap that tab, and the ad gets smaller, and, occasionally, disappears. Yahoo!

The reverse situation is on the bottom, with the tab sticking up on the far left. After tapping the tab the depth of the ad lessens considerably. Tap that big blue CAF disclaimer box and it will shrink to a narrow line.

BUT—the Post # and page total are usually hidden. If, by chance, they’re visible, the “Jump to” is hidden, so trying to go backward when you really need to, for a reference, is most often an exercise in futility.

I really need that quote option. My hands are too sore to type any more than necessary.

For about three days around a week ago, things seemed back to normal, but it’s a bust right now, any way I look at it.
So . . . when I can’t read a post in a thread because of erratic movement, and I can’t use the quote option in posting . . . . . . .(choose an appropriate ending).

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