No wedding on Saturday evening.


My daughter is getting married this coming August and would like to have her wedding on Saturday evening in our parish church. Our priest told her today that since the Sabbath started at 4pm on Saturday she could not have her wedding Saturday evening. The latest time she could have her wedding on Saturday would be 2 PM.This was a surprise to her as well as to me and my wife.

We recently attended a 5 PM Saturday Mass in another parish in our Diocese where the priest announced that he would be presiding over a 7 PM wedding that evening in that church.

We’re confused. Is this Church doctrine or is it just the desire of our local priest not to have weddings on Saturday evening?


Our daughter is getting married at 7:30pm this Saturday night 12/30/06 at our Church.
Many weddings are celebrated in our parish on Saturday nights.
My son’s wedding three years ago was at 7pm on a Staurday night.
I have never heard of any problem with weddings on Saturday evenings at any parish.


A wedding is permitted on Sunday. From the Rite of Marriage:
"11. … If the marriage is celebrated on a Sunday or solemnity, the Mass of the day is used with the nuptial blessing and the special final blessing according to the circumstances. … On Sundays of the Christmas season and in Ordinary Time, the entire wedding Mass may be used in Masses that are not parish Masses."
From The Rites Volume One, Liturgical Press, 1990, ISBN: 0-8146-6015-0, page 722.


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