No Wonder I'm no longer pentacostal, This behaviour is just terrible:


I just saw on TV the Hillsong program, and Pastor Brian Hoston has just lashed out at Pope John Paul the second’s Vatican security measures… He has decided to poke fun at a deceased person, in order to make a rather warped point about “not being scared to reach heights in the name of god”… Surely there is no lower place to stoop.

He recounted a story of his visit to Rome with 2 other pastors and talked about how he was frisked and had to wait to get in to see the Pope, He then decided to make fun of JP2’s ability to speak languages with the statement “He greets everyone in all the languages… It took so long to get in, I wanted to get out” which was of cause met with roars of laughter(It seemed to be the annual “Lets all poke fun at catholics” day).

you can see the program when it comes online sometime this week at but I suggest you don’t, it will probably only make you angry such bigotry exists in the fundamentalist faiths.

Brian Houston obviously hasn’t survived an assassination attempt before…


That’s really sad.:frowning:


That is sad.

It even happened on the radio last Dec 25. When I got home from the church, I had a radio on and it happened to be non-Catholic Christian radio, and the pastor’s talk was something about Virgin Mary and Catholic and how wrong the Catholics considered Virgin Mary is the Mother of God.

Here is another thread that I posted recently on about talking about other religion during your sermon is not a good idea:


That last sentence sums up my feelings - obviously he’s jealous that a) the Pope was an incredibly learned and intelligent man and b) Brian Houston isn’t important or worthwhile enough that anyone’s wanted to assassinate him, unlike JP2 … or Benedict 16 … or Christ or the Apostles for that matter … hmmm, food for thought there …


:mad: I am just so not surprised! I have a brother who was Catholic/Anflican/Calvary Gospe;/Faith Tabernacle! I am just about ready to disown him…I am tired of his lies and denigration after 25 years!:mad:


I really eould like to watch it, what was the programme called?


I was channel-surfing one night and came across a preacher on TBN saying “You don’t get saved by crawling on your knees in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary.” Catholics would tell him we agree, but the preacher’s probably too dense to understand a devotion.

I used to listen to an evangelical radio station (Bible Broadcasting Network, or BBN) when I was a Protestant. When I became a Catholic I would still listen to them now and again (since there’s no Catholic radio station in town). Once I heard the head of BBN saying “Catholics may be Christians, even though they have the Mass and Purgatory.” Well, I had been receiving a monthly newsletter from them and one of them had a survey you could send in. So, in addition to the survey, I sent in a letter explaining why I had left Protestantism for the Catholic Church, and explaining the Biblical basis for the Catholic teachings that I had heard attacked. I never got a letter back, and they stopped sending the newsletter. I guess they considered me a “lost cause” (or they just didn’t want to hear the truth! :p)


I can’t remember the name exactly, but it’s episode 539. It isn’t up online yet but it will be within the next few days.

I came into it halfway through and just before he started his anti-catholic rant.

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