No wonder our society is going downhill


On there are two articles on the front page.

The first is “The Starter Husband - is it wrong to have a practice marriage?”

The next is: “Prepping kids for your first sleepover date.”

I"m so sick to my stomach.



I couldn’t believe it–had to check for myself. I just want to cry for all the people involved. Especially the 2 month old whose mother still cannot say that she will stay with her father for life. Then it tops off with talking about modeling good behavior for your children while having a date sleep over.

I am so saddened by our societal values. May God keep us from destroying ourselves.


I too am suprised at “news” articles.
The good I see in the sleepover story, is at LEAST, some part
of the children’s welfare is being considered. Not much, but it could be a seed.


The precourser for “prepping your kid for the inevitable divorce and pain over your selfish decisions”


It’s too late to do anything about this society, brethren. It will implode within 50 years, and we will cease to exist as a societal and political entity.

The only thing you can do is try your best not to be polluted by the corruption exuding from the decaying corspe of what was once a great nation.


I think I am beginning to agree with you…:frowning:


I thought this, too. My sister insists there are more of us than there are of them, though. “They” are just in front of us more because that’s who the media wants to be “in front”. That’s a tactic. Make us think “everyone’s doing this” kind of thing. I don’t know, I hope she’s right. The only thing I know is that the lady down the street who called me and my sisters 'militant Catholics" has one child, and between us we have 17. The odds are with us! That is why I work so hard to keep our (very good) Catholic school going!

I read the headlines of those articles as well but didn’t get a chance to read them. I have to ready myself first.


That would be the wedding night, right!!! —KCT


:eek: Wow! Just 50 yrs! That must be some crystal ball you got there. How sad for you that there is no hope and that there is even a shred of anything good in your life.


I thank God today for my fiancee. We are not going into this blindly. She and I believe the same about divorce. Praise be to God.

I think, in light of the articles indicated above, I will have Catholic children AT them. Let’s populate the world with God fearing, Christ loving, Sacrament receiving, wonderful kids. :thumbsup:


Wow! Just 50 yrs! That must be some crystal ball you got there. How sad for you that there is no hope and that there is even a shred of anything good in your life.

Amen. Someone please tell Chicken Little here that they sky really isn’t falling.


YIKES!!! Tell my why any of us would have any kids, much less a small tribe if we all thought this way. This despair is not coming from a hopeful heart.

I have many worries about my kids and the society they will inherit. But I am also encouraged daily by the judgement I see them developing and the kindness, consideration, generosity they share with their young friends. All is not bad in the world, and it’s because there are many of us working overtime to raise a decent, honorable and respectful next generation (who will never for a minute think co-ed sleep-overs or starter marriages are even an option!!)


Your sister is a wise lady. Some media make attempts to be more progressive. I suppose part of the liberal (morally) brainwash is pretending more people already do it than in reality do. This is akin to what some advertisement tactics are, such as shelving the merchandise in such a way as to suggest some has already been taken out of the shelf and purchased. Implying that people do it makes people do it. One of our newspapers puts up indecent beach pictures whenever (or almost whenever) writing about anything related, while the reality is the scenes are posed and rarely happen in reality.

Preparing one’s own children for a sleepover date… come on, how unnatural, how weird can things get? A mother preparing a daughter for a potentially one night stand or what else it is… It’s worse than a father handing condoms to his son (I’m talking about the sight of it, not people’s individual fault).


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