No, you can't call God mother!

The feminist Anglicans have unveiled their latest campaign. Now that they’ve succeeded in getting women ordained as priests and bishops they’re pushing for the language of the liturgy to be changed to call God “Mother.”

Here are some reasons why –

The 12 points are un-refutable. The bible says God watches over us like a mother hen, but never says to call Him, mother!

Didn’t we just have an extended topic about this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, God has always chosen to reveal himself in masculine terms, even going so far as to incarnate his son, Jesus Christ. Thinking that we can suddenly ignore God’s choice in how to reveal himself and how he wishes to be referred to is horrifically prideful. Hopefully these women grow to understand this.

Already being discussed

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Unfortunately, there is at least one Catholic diocese in the US that has been calling God “she” for decades. Out of charity for the deceased, I am not going to mention the bishop who started this in this specific diocese, but I believe it continues to this day - in a modified version of the blessing from Numbers. Pretty much, for special blessings, the congregation uses the blessing from Numbers twice - first using male pronouns and second using female pronouns. At one point (I don’t know whether they’ve continued in this or not), but they also changed the (1970 missal version of the) Creed from “was born of the Virgin Mary and became man” to “was born of the Virgin Mary and became human”. Seriously.

That thread was about the news about Anglicans changing their liturgical references to God to be ‘her’.

This thread is about the apologetic/theological basis for the use of the masculine as given in the discussion by Fr. Longenecker…

Besides being awkward, that’s sick. What do they do about Spanish with its gender based nouns? They’re in a world of hurt when they say a Spanish Mass.

There is a push on in my parish to do this by infiltrating. Most people don’t listen to the words of a song; I do. “God our Father” has been replace by “God our Mother” in at least one hymn. I have asked others, but no one else has noticed it, or seems to care. This was introduced by the same choir leader who included Call to Action as one of the contributing committees that make our parish function. All members of Call to Action in Nebraska were excommunicated about 10 years ago.

I don’t know - but my example was from the diocese of Saginaw, Michigan, which has probably not thought about Spanish. And my examples are from my growing up there.

This change of the creed is currently happening at one parish in my diocese.

But you CAN call your Godmother!

Perhaps the calling of G-d Mother has some relation to the Jewish idea of the feminine or masculine-combined-with-feminine Shekinah found in the Kabbalah, particularly Zohar, mystical writings. I understand there is also a Christian idea of the Shekinah, which may take on a somewhat different meaning. The Shekinah further enables one to think of G-d as part of the natural world as well as supernatural. Due to this, to my mind, the notion may border on heresy. However, I am no Kabbalah scholar.

Another reference is Deuteronomy 32:18:

You were unmindful of the Rock that begot you, you forgot the God who gave you birth.

But that is another example of the idea that God has motherly qualities, but nowhere in the Bible is God called “Mother” or are we told to call God “Mother.”

Doesn’t C.S. Lewis reflect somewhere on the idea that God is masculine, and in respect to God we are all feminine? That is, we receive what God gives us. This is one reason the Church is “the Bride of Christ” and “She.” I believe that Lewis’s idea was that human sexuality (and all creaturely sexuality) was but a pale, partial reflection of the truth of gender, which is why in most languages–Latin and the Romance languages, Greek, and Hebrew certainly–nouns that have nothing to do with sexuality (a table, a book) still have genders.

You can bet your last dollar that it is not just “happening” … it is being pushed.

Ah, excellent distinction. Continue :stuck_out_tongue:

None of this discussion has mentioned that “Father” is not meant to mean a father in the physical sense, but more as a title. Besides, Jesus referred to Him as “the Father”. Do the people behind this effort know more than Jesus?

You are absolutely correct. And the person pushing this has been reprimanded numerous times but keeps saying the creed incorrectly. He says he changed it so as not to offend women.

Who made him Sir Galahad? Heresies have been with us since Jesus rose from the dead. The recent crop seeks to incorporate modern liberal thought into the Church, but Jesus’ last instruction to his apostles was to “go into the world and preach the Gospel, teaching all that I have taught you.” He did not tell them to “go into the world, find out what is going on, and bring it back for incorporation into my Church.” That is would be “the Gospel in reverse.”

You’re right. It’s a total heresy.

The good news is that these sorts of things are bringing a lot of Anglicans into the Church, because they’re looking for a no compromise sort of faith.

It isn’t as if God has a gender, so any language we use to refer to Him or describe Him puts limitations on Him that don’t actually exist. Gnostics have always considered the Holy Spirit feminine, and She is sometimes referred to as “Mother” in the scriptures. I don’t really see a problem here. :shrug:

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