Noah and Moses


This may seem like a ridiculous question, but… I know they were in the Bible, but did they physically come before Jesus? How did that work?


I assume that you are asking about a chronological order of events. If so you can read Genesis and Exodus and read about their (Noah and Moses) role in our salvation history. As you can see they came before the Incarnation. Jesus the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity being Divine is of course eternal, but became human at a certain time in history. You can read about that in Matthew and Luke’s infancy narratives.


That depends how you define “Jesus.”

We read in the prologue of the Gospel of John that the Word (or Logos — the divine aspect of Jesus) existed before all creation, and God created all things through the Word. The Word is uncreated and eternal. This would mean that the Word existed before Noah and Moses.

However, the hypostatic union between the Word and humanity did not exist in the person of Jesus until the annunciation, when Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit in the Blessed Virgin.

Does that help?


Yes they physically were here before Jesus arrived on earth. The Old Testament (in which Noah and Moses were in the first books of the Old Testament) was written before Jesus was born. Jesus’ birth and what was to come was often prophesied in the OT.


Some Bible chronologists place Noah’s birth about 2949 years before the birth of Christ and Moses’ birth about 1571 years before the birth of Christ.


JessLyn asks : "did they [Noah and Moses] physically come before Jesus? How did that work?"

Moses has had MANY talks with Jesus in Old Testament times.
And, after each talk, Moses would be shining for a while.
Although, that may NOT have been actual physical contact.

But, in the New Testament, it records Moses speaking Face-to-Face with Jesus Christ.
The Apostles were worried that Moses wouldn’t have a place to sleep, so they wanted to set-up a tent for Moses.
Yes, I believe that the Transfiguration of Jesus documented at least ONE time that Moses and Jesus met and talked.
And, when they talked, I believe that they talked about their Good Old Days … and probably also about Jesus and His mission.


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