Noah and the Epic of Gilgamesh

It didn’t have to be an “earth-wide flood”, just a “world-wide flood” - world refers to the realm of people, which prior to the flood was in the regions around Mesopotamia only, thus that region and its surrounds were all that needed to be flooded for a “WORLD-wide flood”.

And even more pointedly, prior to the Tower where the people scattered all over the earth there was the time of the sons of Noah when all people knew of the flood and also many of the people were making up new gods and imagining new ways of interpreting reality, still remembering the name of ‘HE WHO IS’ (the name being ‘I AM’) yet refusing to honor him alone as God and turn only to him. So the LORD gave them up in their foolishness, and they began de-evolving from a people who knew what really happened into numerous peoples who knew fantasies.

Who is filling your head with the idea that religion developed over millennia from no understanding with Judaism and Christianity being one of a multitude of religious human creations, when in fact true religion increasingly becomes corrupted from knowing at first the true God into foolish opinions and assertions with no basis in actual history.

But was it? Or was it one of those things in human memory due to its dramatic effect that all sorts of peoples and cultures remembered, each interpreting the event’s meaning according to its own understanding.

There is no compelling reason to think it was just a myth or that the Israelites “borrowed” it from other cultures.

Yes there is. If the Ark story is true then every land tetrapod species had a genetic bottleneck down to two, or fourteen, individuals within the last 10,000 years.

There is no evidence of such a universal genetic bottleneck. We know that such evidence would be detectable if it existed because we have just such evidence in cheetahs. That single species did have a genetic bottleneck down to a single family about 10,000 years ago. All living cheetahs are still very genetically similar, so much so that they can easily accept skin grafts from each other.

If the evidence were there we would find it.

Humans most recent genetic bottleneck was about 70,000 years ago when the population dropped to around 10,000 breeding pairs.

Noah’s flood would have been a large local flood, quite possibly the same one mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh which originated from the same area. The story in Genesis is there for a moral purpose, not a scientific purpose. The Bible is not a science textbook.


Yes. Also, the geographic diversity of species is another strong indicator, e.g. explain the koala.

There are at least 2 ancient pagan flood stories: The Gilgamesh Epic and the Atrathasis Epic, both originating in ancient Mesopotamia. Because both sources predate the source of Noah’s story, many scholars have concluded that Noah’s flood story was borrowed from these. However, consider the following objections:
•When a historical event is retold to different audiences over time, the story generally becomes more mythical and embellished, and poetry and exalted language are used. It is the opposite when Noah’s and the pagan stories are compared. Noah’s story is simpler and told in a straightforward narrative, while the pagan stories are told in a more mythical and embellished style.

•Noah’s story is monotheistic, and the characters are ethically moral. The pagan stories are polytheistic, and the characters are ethically capricious. The pagan gods are implied to be selfish, jealous of each other and lie to each other. Moreover, in the Atrathasis Epic the gods discover that due to the flood, they have wiped out their only source of food (people’s sacrifices) implying that they depend on humans.

•The shape of the ark in Noah’s story is the only one that can be considered seaworthy, being rectangular and in dimensions similar to more modern cargo barges. The pagan stories describe an ark that is round or cubic, which would make an ark less stable for floatation and also more vulnerable to damage/overturning by wave impact.

It is therefore more likely that Noah’s story with its later source is, by Divine intervention, faithful to the actual historical event; while the pagan stories are versions modified to suit the polytheistic religion/culture of their audiences. At the same time, it is remarkable that the pagan stories confirm that a history-changing flood did occur.

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There’s many more accounts of a very Very serious Flood…
From Scandinavia to Patagonia

Yes but they are not as ancient… at least from the archaeological record.

accounts are not archaeological… . ?

The Gilgamesh epic was written on tablets by Sumerians and can be dated thousands of years before Christ. In contrast, the Patagonia account for example, known as the ‘Leyenda de Trentren Vilu y Caicai Vilu’ is an oral legend and cannot be dated.

Yes yes. Genesis written accounts go way back … based on oral - which do not have to have been taken from Gilgamesh or not… Patagonian and other flood accounts began with the events…

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