Noah's Ark discovery could be hoax, critic says

Catholic News Agency has the following:

[INDENT][INDENT]The Christian Science Monitor published an article last week which cast doubt on the recent alleged discovery of Noah’s Ark by a Turkish – Chinese expedition, quoting one critic who warned that the team may be victims of an elaborate “hoax.”

Both studies acknowledged a plus or minus accuracy to about 25 thousand years. If the only man in the world genetically proven to exist and the only woman in the world genetically proven to exist didn’t have children together thousands of years ago, we wouldn’t be debating this.

Yet, the most world renowned genetic researchers do.

I don’t have to, all the work has been done already, its just that there are people who are uncomfortable with the results.

The explorers who made the discovery claim that Dr. Randall Price (who contested the evidence to the media) is a former NAMI member who is disgruntled at being expelled from their team before the discovery.

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Haven’t all of the Noah’s Arks turned out to be hoaxes/mistakes? I didn’t exactly have high hopes for this one either (not just because I’m a skeptic - I was wary of trusting things like this even when I was Catholic, there have been way too many of these fake “discoveries”). Even assuming the accuracy of the Flood stories, I’ve never understood why people think that the actual boat would have survived this long anyways.


These “discoveries” are often harmful to the faithful, IMHO. They are usually proven to be either hoax or mistake. But even if they are not, they perpetuate the un-Catholic, fundamentalist belief that for Christianity to be true every story in the Bible must acurrately describe literal historical events. When people figure out that they don’t, they lose faith. But the Catholic faith has never relied on the literal historical accuracy of Genesis. Genesis is true and the Truths it contains remain relevant to all of us today - but the Truths presented in Scripture are not descriptions of cubits of gopher wood, and can’t be found on the slope of some obscure mountainside.

I clicked on this story last week on Drudge. As soon as I saw the words “evangelical Archeologist” in the first paragraph, I hit return. So this story comes as no great surprise to me.
As for the flood story being a myth. Well…as a student of history I find it interesting that various cultures around the world, many isolated from each other, all relate some sort of flood story. And since I am not so arrogant as to believe WE have all the answers, and those poor ancients barely knew how to tie their shoes, I believe there is enough evidence to grant merit to the stories.

I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean.

Yet, the most world renowned genetic researchers do.

Name these people. Francis Collins does not believe in a literal interpretation of Genesis.


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