Noah's Ark Story and Genesis

I’ve been wondering…

Since the Noah’s Ark Story is the same as the Babylon story of the flood, and the Moses story is the same as the Babylonian Sargon myth/story (floated down in a river by his mother in a miniature ark), does that mean these aren’t true? What is the church teaching on these stories? I’m just having doubts and I’m kinda worried.

Thank you for your help.

We can be certain that the story of Noah is true because Jesus mentions it in Matthew 24:37

I’ve never heard that they’re meant to be related… can you provide me with your source please? I’m fairly certain they’re not in the same time period.

Get into a good Catholic Bible study, or read the St. Ignatius Study Bible books, and be at peace.

I think the Church is okay with the belief that the flood only covered the known world at the time. There are parts of the earth that were never covered with water.

There are several flood narratives in the world, not just the Bible and Babylon, some nowhere near that region.

To me, this is a point in favor of the events described having in fact taken place.


As Jesus spoke of this event, I definitely believe in it.

The issue with using scripture to understand the actual material word is that it’s arbitrary. Augustine says this in his Literal Meaning of Genesis when he says it was allegorical. Yes there are accounts of a great flood in the Asia Minor region, but to say the whole earth was populated with such a small population is completely insane. Incest would have created hostile genetic environments and there wouldn’t be any humans much less other animals on the planet.


Anybody read about the flood tablet that surfaced in Baghdad in 1944?

Among other things it describes a **circular **Ark of wicker and sealed with pitch (the way the ancients in the region built boats) 220’ across. PBS-Nova had a team builds such a boat (rather smaller) and it worked.


Cool! I’m going to look for that Documentary! Thanks.

Just a thought, but the Old Testament reflects the New Testament. In the Catholic faith we are baptized, confirmed, and receive the Eucharist. In Genesis there is the flood story (baptism), the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire (confirmation), and Abraham nearly sacrifice his son (Eucharist). In Exodus, Moses is sent down a river and given a new life (baptism), later the burning bush calls him to lead his people (confirmation), and finally he is instructed to place lambs blood across the doorposts (Eucharist). As it was in the beginning so shall be in the end. Alpha and Omega.

But that goes against how the Bible describes the ark.

“There are more than 1000 English language flood myths representing several hundred individual cultures, while hundreds of flood myths have not yet been translated into English.” – Dallas Abbott, “Burckle Abyssal Impact Crater: Did this Impact Produce a Global Deluge?”, 2.6 Effects on Human Populations of this Event.

There are so many flood “myths” in cultures throughout the world because a flood event did happen.

In my view, a worldwide catastrophic flood event occurred, but it did not submerge all land, nor kill all humans and animals outside the Arc. The Bible describes an historical event, in figurative terms, so as to be able to better teach spiritual lessons from that real event.

I favor the view of W. Bruce Masse, that the flood event was a comet impact in the deep ocean in 2807 B.C.

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