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did Noah include his Mother in Law on the boat? If I understand the Genesis, Adam & Eve story correctly, a man left his family to live with her family. If the Mother in Law is not listed as being on that boat was it because she was dead? or maybe Moses only listed those who still could reproduce or have children maybe? If you were Mrs Noah, would you not try to find a way to get your Mother aboard? If you were Noah and you did not like your Mother in law, ???

What do you think?:confused:


A man leaves his parents (to some extent) and lives with his wife. That doesn’t necessarily mean he lives with his wife’s parents, and indeed I believe the opposite living situation was by far more common in ancient Israel, with a husband bringing his wife to live on his (patrilineal) ancestral land, sometimes with his parents still living in an adjacent building or simply a different room of the house. So I don’t think there is any implication that Noah or any other patriarchs lived with their mothers-in-law.

It is interesting that Noah’s father, Methuselah, who was the longest-lived person recorded in Genesis, seems to have died in the same year as the flood. I understand there is disagreement within Judaism over whether Methuselah died in the flood or whether the flood was delayed until Methuselah had died.


Lets just hope there is no flood anytime soon where my hubby may have to make a decision like that…LOL


Well, I don’t believe we can use that cultural belief in the instance of the Noah story because the Noah story precedes Judaism itself. The difficult part is that in the lineage from Adam to Noah, only one woman is mentioned by name. It mentions wives but doesn’t provide specifics. (It provides specifics for the women in Cain’s lineage but that ceases.)

As to answer your question, No, I don’t believe Noah’s mother-in-law was on the boat. If she was it would be reasonable to list her along with the rest of the family as they leave the boat (Gen 7:13)

2 Peter 2:5 also states that Noah and 7 people were saved from the flood. (Noah, Noah’s Wife, 3 kids, 3 kids wives’)


I know if I lived in Detroit and I had a neighbor named Noah building a boat, I would get over there to help him, just in case.

Genesis 2:24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

Notice it is the man leaving his family, not the other way around.


Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich in her visions claims there were more than eight in the Ark of Noah. She claims there were over 100 in the Ark, including grandsons and all that labored in building the Ark. So maybe there was more than eight!?:smiley:


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