Noam Chomsky

I’ve been reading some of his work, and it has caused me believe even more in his brilliance. This man has revolutionized linguistic studies and also made insightful political contributions. I have a few friends who love him as well as those who aren’t very keen. What does everyone here think?

I have heard many great things about him, though I have never read any of his works. Do you know what is his opinion on the Catholic Church and Christianity in general?

I don’t imagine he’s really that into either one. But really, I can’t say for sure. I’ll be honest that I’ve never really looked into that information about him.

Some of his remarks about religion linked above. I post not as a fan of Chomsky - but because we should all be aware of how and where we get our information knowing that it is all baised in some way. This way we can be aware of whether we are being responsible about what we disseminate or just propagandized like so many others. :twocents:

I’m sorry to feel this way but I loathe Chomsky. He blames the United States for all that is bad in the world and apologizes for terrorists.

I was exposed to his linguistic theories in college, but I find him very difficult to understand.

Here is another article about a man who loves to criticise America, but doesn’t mind taking money from it:

Say rather that you loathe some of the things that Chomsky says or does, but dont say that you loathe him. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

its kind of ironic that i ran into this thread today. Just the other day i had recieved a message back from him about his take on the current presidential hopefuls. Chomsky reads international news in other words he reads what other countries’ media opinion about us is and if you dont like it blame the message not the messenger. Besides who said dissention was a bad thing As John Stuart Mills once wrote that even the Catholic CHurch, when it came to the cannonization of saints allowed for debate and for someone to play “devil’s advocate.” Check out a book called Chronicles of Dissent for a quick run down of Chomsky’s views on foreign policy.

I studies Chomsky quite a bit in grad school. I’m not crazy about his political views, and I don’t find him to be that great a linguist. Sure, he’s made some useful contributions to the field, but his theories are hard to follow and his writing is dry. On top of that, it’s hard to put much stock in a linguist who admits to being monolingual. He learned some Hebrew as a child, but does not speak or read it today. Granted, language acquisition is not his field, but even the most amateur linguists can usually at least read another language well.

I prefer reading Nim Chimpsky, myself.

Which is his first mistake.

The guy scares the heck out of me.

Chomsky is one of those people I find very difficult to say anything good about. Maybe I don’t loathe him, but I certainly think his political ideas are abhorrent.

i think he single-handedly invented the field of sociolinguistics with the publication of his master’s thesis, so his genius as a linguist and social scientist is not in doubt. but that was long ago and he has since transformed himself into a left-wing public intellectual who takes great care not to be outflanked by anyone else on the left (i.e. no one can be more left wing than he), so as a catholic i find him to have substituted politics for religion. he wants to be the pope of his own man-centered religion.

i’m not a great chomsky-watcher, but he seems like the type who never acknowledges a mistake and who gets into long acrimonious arguments with people with whom he disagrees. watch out for that type of person (for the first reason especially).

He may have codified sociolinguistics to a degree, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he invented it. One can read writings from before Chomsky’s time that contain sociolinguistic implications, even if only inadvertently. Keep in mind I’m not saying that the man is useless, just that he’s slightly overhyped. I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of your post.

Are you serious? You really think that only Americans have anything worthwhile to say about Americans? The gift to see ourselves as others see us is as valuable nationally as it is personally. Probably more so, since it’s hard for the most stubborn egoist not to encounter other people’s opinions of him, but a nation of three hundred million people can exist quite comfortably within the bubble of its own positive self-image.

You are essentially glorifying pride and egoism, which is to say you are glorifying one of the basic roots (if not the basic root) of human sinfulness.


Ever been to someone’s house in winter and been hit with a blast of stale house stench when you entered? The people inside cannot smell it because the receptors in their noses are fatigued. Anyway, it can be an act of kindness to suggest that someone open a window.

You cannot have too many points of view, IMHO.

Which is why I admire some of Chomsky’s views on politics, America and even religion even if he doesnt believe - at least he attempts rational thought.

Yes, Edwin, I am quite serious. Frankly, I couldn’t give a flying drop toehold what other countries think of the U.S., and I fail to understand those who get wrapped around the axle of Why Don’t They Like Us.

Just putting my country’s interests first, that’s all. And Chomsky obviously has a problem with that.

David Horowitz routinely dissects Chomsky very nicely.

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